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Bad Day

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It is Sunday. I got my mail from Saturday and my daughter was in the car with me. The letter from Advance Radiology came with the results from Mamograghy: "Need further evaluation..." I kept cool, don't want to alarm my daughter. I have a doc appointment this coming Friday and hoping it is just a form letter all cancer patients, who are in remission, receive to ensure the ONC looks at the films. I also know the statistics are against me for remaining NED. What is everyones experience with this type of info?
On top of that, my dogs ate the crotch out of my favorite, no nonsense, comfy Fruit of the Looms briefs...they got into the laundry basket. Ungrateful dogs.
Ahem...sigh...Xanax time.

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I hate that waiting to get the results too! Don't they know that cancer just doesn't understand weekends, holidays and 9 to 5! I was only NED once for a few months and that was almost just as bad because I was waiting for the next disaster and felt like I had lost my parachute (chemo). It's like we never have any time off from this crap. If we're not fighting it and worrying about it, we're just worrying ourselves to death about it. Now, those dogs are just not cooperating and understanding are they? New Fruit of the Loom time and hit the Xanax cabinet! J :) :) :)

Stay Strong
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Owning two golden retrievers, and having just finished 6 months of chemotherapy, I needed a good laugh! Thank you! The unknown is always worse for me than just knowing the true evaluation. Stay strong!

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Unbelievable...how can anyone send a letter like that? I have stopped reading the boards because these things are making me so angry....idiots....Dogs eating crotches...if you knew how much crotchless underwear costs, you would be grateful.....I was in Victoria's Secret and those panties were outrageous...maybe your dogs like you more than you think.....

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Mary.....don't panic. Last March I went for my mammogram and got the same thing, only via a phone call. They also asked me to gather up any old mammo films and bring them in. I ran all over town, gathering up 10 years worth. Then I had the mammo re-done. And the result was negative. Just a big scare for nothing.

The first time around, they saw some asymetry (meaning my boobs are not the same size) and some "dense tissue". I almost had a coronary, waiting for the results of the second mammo.

Yesterday I got a letter reminding me that it's time for another one. I can hardly wait.

Don't sweat the small stuff. Just buy some new underwear and know that your dogs, though ungrateful, love you unconditionally.


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I also have two goldens and they can wreck havoc. Try to have a calm day. Xanax and chocolate sound good

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I'm sure Friday can't come soon enough. My mammos always need a second look/ here's to a good report and some new undies.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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I just made my appointment - March 11th. I hope one look is enough this time and they don't scare me sh*$less again. It took something like 10 days before I could round up all the old films, get the second mammo done, then get my hands on the report. I was convinced the OC had spread to my breasts. I hate this disease! It has made me into a complete weenie.


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