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CA 125 as marker

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Hi All,
I'm new to this board and I was wondering if any of you with UPSC were like me in that I have never had an abnormal CA125. I was diagnosed with stage IIIC UPSC and my marker never went above 15 even though it had metastasized to my para-aortic lymph nodes. Likewise it has never gone below 7 even after surgery. Of those who have had a recurrence was your CA125 normal before and then elevated at recurrence? I'm trying to determine if CA125 will ever be a good marker for me. Thanks for any info you can give.
Laura C.

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I don't have UPSC but another aggressive cancer MMMT (stage 3C). Outside of my uterus the only place cancer was found, in 1 lymph node in right pelvic area. My doc right after treatments told me he can rely on my CA 125 as it has progressed form 500 prior treatments to after treatments 4-6 and staying steady at same area. Whereas with many others, he can't rely on the tumor marker.

Today I'm 1-1/2 years post treatment and when have follow-up appts he does blood work and if the CA125 goes up or sees other issues, he'll then do a scan. Otherwise, we just follow my marker at present.

Never had a recurrence so can't comment. Just wanted to post my situation as might be helpful to you.

How long ago did you have treatments? NED today?

Best always,

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Welcome,Laura. when I was diagnosed with UPSC in July 2009, my CA125 was 14. I was staged at 1b, but then chaged to 1a with the new FIGO staging. After two sessions of carbo/taxol my CA125 went down to 15 and has stayed there for the past 14 months. My new oncologist thinks that because it went up after my surgery, it is probably not a valid marker for me and she has decided to have me have a CT scan every 6 months with no more CA125. So far I have not had a recurrence. (Knock on wood.)

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Hi Laura,
My ca125 was only 90s pre surgery, 80s post, down 8 post chemo. With recurrence spiked to 200s, went as high as 650s with first chemo, now is 12 with clean pet/ct, so is good marker for me. Btw, UPSC Stage 4.

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