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AMS 800 AUS Surgeons

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It looks like an AUS is in my future after LARP in June 2009 and IMRT in 2010. Does anyone know if there are any surgeons in the Northeast who are regarded as leaders and very experienced with the AMS 800 AUS surgery?

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I am going to use Dr. Jerilyn Latini at the U of MI.


Danny K
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Joined: Apr 2017

I am also trying to have the aus 800 implanted, does any body know a good surgeon in the md/D.C. Area.

Danny K
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Joined: Apr 2017

Can anybody give me an advise on what to expect from the implantation of artificial urinary sphincter device. I had my davinci operation to remove my pro Tate about 16 months ago and I have continued to drip without stoping, advise and recommendaction.


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Danny - you have to do a lot of searching. There are a good number of guys who have had this done. I am getting it next month. Admittedly it is scary, a big life change. Most guys are happy with the new freedom. But of all the guys who get prostate cancer treatment, only a handful end up in the situation where they need to get the AUS. I am on several other message boards plus this one. I ask questions and no one answers. Okay, maybe one. A lot of this is just grit your teeth and move forward. It seems we're truly on our own. It's hard to find any info on which surgeons do this best (I've heard there's less than 1000 in the US). I chose a younger surgeon rather than one more experienced because I want him to still be around when I'm 80.

Consider the millions of men who are treated for PCa every year. The AMS800 has been around for 25 years. In that time, only around 180,000 have been implanted. That's like 7000 per year, worldwide. More people get abducted by aliens than get the AUS.

To all the other guys facing this decision and this procedure, I wish us all a favorable outcome!


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Anyone have experience with Atlanta area urologists performing the procedure

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