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Today is my birthday.

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Today is my first birthday since my diagnosis on March 16, 2010. I decided to throw myself a party. So last week I made the guest list and planned the menu. The next day I decided not to have a party because it would be a lot of work. A few days later I decided I wanted the party (no ladies it's not the chemo, it's just how I am). I downsized it to about 12 people; just my nearest and dearest. So this morning I got up early and started cooking and preparing. My cousin was coming over at 9:30 to help me. I started getting irritated because I was doing all this work but then remembered it was my idea and I should be happy that I'm here and healthy enough to do the work. The party was great. I said I am not going to make a speech (I've made one at every other holiday since I finished treatment). I said I'm just glad to have this birthday. It's number 63 but I joked all day that I am 36. Everyone has gone home now and I am tired but feel so happy. I have wonderful family and friends who care about me and I am blessed to have them in my life. Today was a good day. They mean more now. I cherish them. They make up for all the crappy days in the last several months. Here's to good days ahead for all of us.


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Karen, I'm so glad you had a happy birthday. It is wonderful to still be here and be able to celebrate with family and friends. Isn't it funny, for me before I got this stuff I hated to be getting older, Now, I'm so very happy to be getting older!! Patty

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Happy Birthday Karen!!!!!
Best Wishes!


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Karen....there is no such thing as a bad birthday. Glad you enjoyed yours


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Happy Birthday,Karen! I am happy for you, you make this party and had a good day. Good for you! (((HUGS))), Zina

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and I hope you have many more of them

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Happy birthday to you my dear and many more to come

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It's nice that you went through with the party and had a great time. Wishing you many more!

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Karen, I am so glad you went ahead and had a party and that it turned out okay. I am 63 also and had my birthday this past December. How about next year we get together and celebrate .... they say it's your birthday, we're gonna have a good time.

Happy birthday Karen,


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So glad you had such a nice birthday! Continue to find ways to celebrate life!

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for your good wishes, ladies. I try to remind myself that having cancer doesn't really change the highs and lows of regular life, it just intensifies them. We are more aware of our mortality. I sometimes say I feel like a milk carton because I have a "potential" expiration date. But I don't know that for sure. As we have all learned it is just taking each day as it comes. Some are good, some are bad, some are great and some are horrific. At this point I am just so glad to be here.

Where do you live Linda? I would love to meet you and celebrate. I live in Northern California.


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I live in Missouri...about 30 miles south of St. Louis. It has been a rough winter here for this region. Northern California ----sounds wonderful. I have been to California only 2 times but I sure did enjoy it.

Just think, next year our theme song can be "When I'm 64" by the Beatles.


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Wishing you many more! I am inspired by your decision and successful follow through in having your party. I will be 64 next month and have been toying with the idea of a party. Like you, I change my mind every day :) So glad you went ahead and had such a great time!

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What a great way to celebrate, and I'm glad you went through with it.

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Happy Birthday I'm glad you enjoyed your day and I hope there are many more to come !

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So glad that you had a memorable one. Doesn't all this crap put things in perspective?
(((HUGS))) Maria

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