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Colonoscopy preps

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Hi all. I am due to have a colonoscopy and was given a choice of preps. I usually did the Golytley but I am considering the OsmoPrep Tablets. I was wondering if any of you did this OsmoPrep. If so, please let me know how it went. Also, can you drink lemonade or 7 Up with it instead of the water? Appreciate any feedback. Thank you.

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All I ever did was the Mag Citrate and pills and whewwwwww, like crap through a goose....wishes for an all clear scope.....buzz

are they Boston Bulls ? they are so cute.......

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Posts: 129
Joined: Mar 2004

The larger dog is a Boston Bull dog and the smaller a Boston Terrier. I couldn't tolerate the Mag Citrate. Always had that awful Golytly. Just thought maybe the pills were easier. Hope I get some good feedback, I a so scared of those preps.

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Hi I just had my I think like 10th colonoscopy a couple weeks ago. I guess i can be called old hat at it now lol. The last two or three i used the miralax mixed with Gatorade, it works well for me, with a couple dulcolax tabs thrown in. I have found if I eat lightly, go easy on the meats and high fiber veggys, a few days before, and go on the clear liquids two days instead of one day before, the prep is very easy on me, minimal or no cramping, and i never have to drink the whole gallon before I am going clear. Good luck to you.

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