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Delays, sweet happy delays!

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I have had a rough few months. To say I've been miserable really doesn't accurately describe how bad I've felt. This whole mess started with food poisoning on christmas eve which led to dehydration and then a kidney infection. The meds I took for the kidney infection aggravated my pancreas which is compromised by a poorly place met. My pancreatitis lasted several weeks and was demoralizing. No way to get comfortable in any position. I'm guessing the lack of sleep and fluid build up from the pancreatitis gave me pneumonia. So on top of hurting internally, I was unable to rest or sleep, and then I wasn't able to breathe. My kidney issue cleared up first. I fasted for several days after and got my pancreatitis under control and now my pneumonia has cleared up. I am one seriously damaged puppy right now. I was scheduled to begin my radiation treatments on monday and I didn't feel I was gonna be up to it. Nevertheless I had plans to go ahead with them as scheduled. Then I got a call from my Dr today saying she has to go out of town and we will have to start on thursday. What incredible luck. I'm gonna celebrate by going to the beach this weekend and doing some fishing. I should be all charged up by thursday.

I've been keeping tabs of everyones posts. I just haven't been motivated to respond. Hopefully I can get around to some of them tomorrow. Until then, I hope everyone has a good day and feels better than yesterday.

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What a blessing to get that break, especially since it was completey out of your control. Sounds like not only do you need a break from treatments for your bodies sake, but also for your mental and emotional sake.

Enjoy the beach and fishing, just take a breath and enjoy! After that I am sure you will find it easier to put your game face on and go about kicking some cancer *** again.

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its food for the soul.......enjoy John......buzz

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this has been going on.yes i am a fisherwoman myself.back in 2009 when i was doing my chemo my husband and i would go fishing and it was good therapy,best to you and Godbless...johnnybegood

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What a couple of months you have had! It is great that your radiation got delayed. Enjoy your fishing + the weekend. The only fishing that can be done around here right now is ice fishing. You are a strong, inspirational man. When I am having a bad day I will think about all you went through recently. Take good care.

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you've really been through the wringer lately. I will be wishing you all the best with your treatments and saying a special prayer that you have some relief from all this. Enjoy fishing!

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