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why am I so sleepy???

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I have been soooooo tired for the past 2 day. I sleep 10 hrs a night and move from the bed to the couch where I lounge the rest of the day. I am not physically tired but every time I lay my head down I fall asleep. I catch myself saying all the time "gosh, I'm tired" Man, whats up with that. My RBC is low...slightly anemic which I know makes you tired but my RBC has been like that for months and I ain't been this tired. Hubby says....get up and motivate.... but just walking 3 rooms away makes me winded..... I guess from this pneumonia in my lung. So exercise of any kind is out for now. I know if you don't use it..you lose it..... but my hands are kinda tied right now. Man, took a shower tonite and half way thru I had to stick my head out for some cool air cause breathing was getting difficult. I know I also have 4 new spots on lungs that are still in question whether they are new tumors or inflammation from the pneumonia... Got CEA again Monday... went from 7.1 to 7.7 in a month....that ain't sounding good. Does anyone else get this sleepy tired??? After chemo I don't even get this tired... I dunno...weird. Thanks for letting me vent. I will post Tuesday when I get back from Onc with scan results. BIG decision day for me depending on what those results are.


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or with oxygen diffusion....Its causing you to drop off to sleep you aren't getting enough oxygen...Get a chest xray and see whats up...might there be a partially collapsed lung? or simply the pneumonia trying to get restarted again. Are you wheezing or have chest cold...It sounds like you are not getting enough oxygen into your bloodstream to keep you awake. Gotta get you rested up...We got a long spring, summer, fall, CP9, winter, spring, summ.....well, you get the drift....Love ya, buzz.......

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I've had it the last few weeks. I actually had to start urinating in a jug because I was simply getting to winded to get up and go. Showering was also difficult. Get the pneumonia in check. I went for a decent walk today, just two days ago I had a hard time sitting up.

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Thanks John...... I have been wondering how you are getting along. I will know more about what is going on in my lungs Tuesday.... I know that pneumonia is playing hell with me. Take care


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Buzz........... the pneumonia has not gone away yet and may be getting worse. Since this is a radiation pneumonia I do not cough up anything as it is a dry cough sometimes even a hoarse cough. They gave me anti-biotics first to treat it and when they had no effect they knew it was radiation related. that's when they put me on steroids to treat it. By the 7th day of taking those I was having horrible...make me cry...double me over chest pains. The morning of the 7th day was my last pill and by the next morning...ALL pain gone when they had wore off. I don't know what else they treat this condition with. Onc said to hold off on everything til we get scans tuesday. I get a cbc tuesday so I will ask doc about this tired crap if it continues. Magic word..CP9... not missing that for the world... so I got some time to turn this crap around and get good!! Love ya back!!


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...good vibes and prayers your way sis and that you make it for CP9 feeling better.


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the pnuemonia will do that to you. Your lungs aren't functioning and getting enough oxygen into your system. Just rest when you can and let your body heal. I can relate to sitting down and falling asleep anytime I'm not active for a few minutes. Listen to your body. HUGS to you.

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i was tired, sleepy during my chemo tx especially the first few days after. would sleep sitting up watchin t.v. i had an episode at my exercise class when i started feeling weak left class and sat on a bench, next thing i know i am being shaken awake and my friends are calling 911. i hit my face, had a rug burn around my eye and hurt my knee going down, landing in a frog position. this almost happened a few weeks later but i sat at a table and rested my head until i came around again. i know this was from chemotherapy, just a sudden extreme tiredness. both days i experienced this i slept for 3-4 hours after coming home. i also sleep 10-12 hours every night. i have been off tx for 2 weeks now and am feeling sooo much better, getting ready for liver surgery.


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to tired to right this post, got no idea about how to help.

except to say I get tired sometimes and have naps in the day. they help me alot.

goodluck and I hope you get some engergy soon and hae good result.


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Hi Jennie,

Sorry to hear you've had such a bad time lately. Hopefully today (Tuesday) they'll be figuring things out and find a way to help you with the pneumonia. I would definitely think that's what's causing you to be so tired.
I like what Kathy said about maybe the pneumonia is causing the CEA to rise- I've heard infections can do that- so don't worry too much- it was less than one point, so that's probably even considered normal variance. Now, mine went up 100 points in just three weeks (was up to 279)- I know that's something to worry about. We've changed up my chemo since then a bit (have had two treatments of it so far at an upped dose) and I'm also doing some new natural things, so I hope and pray that next week's CEA draw will show that it's gone down some

You take care of yourself & let us know how the appt goes today. Don't stress too much- I'm sure it's just the pneumonia that's wreaing havoc on everything & they should be able to help you with that soon.


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