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Vaccine Trial

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Number two shot is behind me!!!

I'm at MSKCC, waiting out my post-injection observation period.

We had a great time last evening with Joni. She took us via subway to Times Square. Then today I met Annie in the waiting room. She stRts her trial next week.

It's been worth the trips to meet these two cuties!


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I am glad you are trying these clinical trial vaccines. Yesterday, I was told I a have the option of doing experimental stuff at Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City (where I live). My doctor wants me to try Gemzar and Avastin first, but it's an option. It's probably hard being the guinea pig, but you are tough enough to do it! Good luck.


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that you are able to have a good time along with going through this important process. We all need a break and hopefully you will be the one who helps us get it.


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We did enjoy ourselves!

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