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yep, always something

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Was sooooo close to the completion of chemo, today was to be number 5 of 6. My white blood count (abs. neutrophils) were absolutely tanked! It amazes me how I could feel so good, eating well, wonderful walks, hiking and yoga and then boom, some blood work says you are really at high risk for an infection. The abs. neutrophils were .68...the lowest it's ever been is 1.48 and I thought that was low. I feel like I should put myself in a bubble, but the nurses just said avoid crowds, sick people and wash your hands alot. Not sure why they aren't offering the neulasta shot or something. I probably should have asked. Perhaps if next Friday it isn't up they will do that. Now it pushes everything out a week... and I thought I would be done on March 4. Poohey.

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I know it's frustrating, but at least a 1 week delay is not a problem in terms of the outcome. I asked for and got an extra week before round 4 (or maybe 5, not sure now) so I could go camping, and was told it was fine to do that. Sorry your white count is down so low. I got really crazy about that while camping, because I was told to drink only bottled water. I washed everything I ate in bottled water first, used it to brush my teeth, bought hand sanitizer that I carried with me and used constantly, and went nuts if anyone touched MY water. Getting an infection while in chemo can be quite serious, so your doctor/nurse is taking good care of you. Stay well!

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I'm at the point where I say "ok, this is the schedule as it s today. Let's see what really happens." I've had the same experience with the wbc and then the platelets tanked. Had the spleen removed so I don't have too many problems with the platelets anymore. Hey, we used to live in the same neighborhood. I was on 47th and 2nd for many years. I moved accross the avenue to 47th between 2nd & 3rd. Was there from 90 to 98.

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