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I am fighting my first recurrence and 'am now a carbo/doxil flunkee. The Doc is switching midstream to carbo/gemzar. I get the full dose the first week, then just gemzar the second week.
I got "the sheet," that tells you all the things that can go wrong. Can anybody share their experience with this drug? I did well on doxil, as far as side effects, but it didn't get the cancer! I feel as if I wasted four months.
Thank, Ginny

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I was on carbo/gemzar with my first recurrence last year 8 cycles from january to june. I did not have severe side effects. Some hedaches, muscle pain,joint pain, abdominal pain and tiredness.From june to november I was "OK". December my CA125 rise to 83. It is second recurrence and I'am now on Doxcil/Avastin.Every two weeks Doxil/Avastin and then only Avastin and then again Doxcil/Avastin and so on. Horriblel mouthsores so far. (((HUGS)), Zina.

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I did Gemzar after a couple cycles of Doxil for a first recurrence. I did it as single agent and it worked after 4 cycles clean pet/ct, etc. Side effects minimal just fatigue, increasing chronic queasiness, nothing really specific just feel way better chemo-free. Dr asks if iwanted to stay onb as a maintenance but preferred break, I'll see how things go as could cont long term. Also, I was on reduced dose and only made 2 of 3 scheduled infusions/month due to low counts. Low neutrophil counts were an issue. Hope this does the trick for you! Annie

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I am going to be on a 21 day cycle, but get cargo/gem the first week, then just gem the second week. I get a week off, then start again.. 'Sounds like a lot to me. I see that low blood counts can be an issue. I haven't had problems before, but who knows this time? When they tell you all the possible side effects, it's a little frightening. Ginny

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I have been chemoing with gemzar/carbo since last Sept, and I'm a doxil flunkie also. The carbo part of this combo is the big gun and it has worked well for me. I'm also fighting my first recurance. Did you ever experience carbo /taxol? The gemzar has given me few side effects, but the carbo/gemzar week is a litle rougher. I have lots of trouble with constipation and I get that really bad metal mouth and feel kinda like I have the flu for about 5-6 days. Don't be frightened, this is doable. I have to plan ahead, because it's a quick turnaround and I have only about 5-6 days at the end of the treatment period to run around and gather all the stuff I need before I'm back to infusion time. Best of luck... I hope to kick those CA-125's in the butt. Please let me know if I can be of help!
(((HUGS)))) Maria

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Yes, I did do carbo/taxol for the first round, then a year of taxol maintenance. My onc. was a little concerned that the combo of carbo/doxil didn't work. I'm not sure if the carbo is doing its job!
I'm not all that excited about this schedule. I was down about 5-6 days with the carbo combination. This doesn't give me much down time! Oh, well. You do what you have to do.

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I am on my 3rd recurrence. Earlier 2010 I was on Carbo/Gemzar. Unfortunately after the 3rd cycle of Carbo/Gemzar, I had an allergic reaction to the Carbo and it had to be stopped. I was then put on Gemzar alone and had it 2 weeks in a row, with a week of rest. I experienced a rash on my arms, and I had some nosebleeds. But, I guess it didn't do anything to kill my cancer cells, because after 6 months, I found out I still had some tumors and also felt it was a waste of 6 months. I went on Doxil, but after 3 cycles, the CT scan showed still some growth, so now I'm on Avastin/Cytoxan.

I know it's discouraging but I think we all have to remain hopeful that someday, the right drug will be found.

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I did gemzar/cisplatin for 2nd line. Gemzar was the easiest chemo I have done to date. I did a similar schedule to you, but with the cis. For me, it was the cisplatin that was hard to handle.
The combo did bring the numbers down quite low.
Wishing you the best,

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