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Good News I think, 2nd surgery soon

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Just got pathology report from RUL lobectomy on Jan. 24th. they took out over 24 lymph nodes in various areas in the right side of the chest and lung. 22 came back free of metastatic disease! 2 came back positive, but they were at the base of the tumor that has now been removed-actually 2 tumors were in the RUL and one of the tumors was dead (ding-dong the witch is dead) which they believe is the result of the 6 cycles of chemo-they don't know if the chemo was the reason the lymphs were negative or they just were, but it doesn't matter they are NEGATIVE!. So it appears the right side is free of the cancer, though the doc is concerned that there were 2 that showed microscopic involvement-though the report did say no invasive sign of disease-for what that's worth.
The boy (he'll always be my cutest boy, even at 55) is still not feeling too chipper-sore, coughing, not feeling right. Walking a mile a day though and his oxygen was 100% when we saw doc on Tuesday. Had his PFT, which also caused him to release a pint of fluid that had been in his chest after surgery, then and I wonder if he's fatigued from all that huffing and puffing and his daily walks? Told him he may want to divvy up his walks-the point wasn't to exhaust himself, but to help himself. He just expected to jump up and feel better now that surgery was over.
Next surgery is Feb. 25th for a LLL lobectomy-maybe. Depends on the tumor-it's on a major artery and their hope is they can just peel it off-if not then we'll explore SRS, etc. They also hope that it is a different cancer adeno- as opposed to the squamous in the right because that would mean no metastasis. Hoping for continued good results, though it's had not to focus on those 2 positive ones-that are removed and gone. It's only been 10 months since we started this journey and I guess I'm always waiting for that other shoe to drop.
Happy Thursday to all and I hope you are staying warm and snow free where ever you are- and if you have snow, well, hope you can stay inside and watch :-)

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This sounds like good news to me. And I hope like you said its another type of cancer and not a metasis. Yet it would be better not to be a cancer at all. So they will just peel it off, I have never heard of that, but if they can do that and not interfere with the artery thats amazing. I will have you both in my thoughts and prayers for a sucessful surgery. Lori

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