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CT scan today....

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Most know I had Cyberknife back in August. Could not do a follow-up PET/CT til Jan 11th. They deemed the Cyberknife successful but noticed on scan that I had radiation pneumonia in my top Rt. lung from the Cyberknife. They also found 3 additional spots on Rt. lung and 1 on left lung. The University where I had the procedure done said these "spots", in their opinion,were pockets of inflammation associated with the pneumonia. They would light up and appear tumor-like on a PET/CT. However, when my Onc looked at scan he had a different opinion. He agreed the upper Rt lung did have pneumonia but all the spots were definately cancerous tumors. He based this on the fact that they had distinct shape and uptake. I don't know about shape but inflammation also has uptake. So I really don't know why he is so sure. The only way to know for sure was to do a follow up scan (CT)where they can compare the two. That was done today. I will not get results til Tuesday. Last month my CEA did rise from 5.3 to 7.1. CEA is usually a very good indicator for me but it can also rise due to infection and inflammation....which I had severly in my lung. CEA was taken again on Monday and I get those results tomorrow. If it has gone up any more than it already has it will tell me that my Onc is correct. CEA does not rise "that much" from inflammation and infection.... I don't think..Does anyone know? I am so praying my Onc is wrong. I so wanted to be in a remission status before doing my cleanse and starting on a serious path with my naturopath Doc.

I was in a crappy mood about all this until I got an email from Anna.... The wife of Frank who recently lost his battle. There was one phrase in the letter that stuck with me and made me say YA! I quote "Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance" Thank you for that Anna!!! I danced and sang the rest of the day and thought.... whatever it is...it is..... bring it on! Thanks guys!


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I think Anna's advice is smart. I hope you get good results, Jennie!

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we may as well dance." Thanks for sharing that Jennie. Sometimes it can be hard to come up with silver linings.

Hanging with you while you wait,

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Oh, Jennie.

I hope you only get good news.


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Nana b
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Me too! Dancing with you!

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Stay positive

Not sure which side you had the treatment, right or both sides. It is very hard to be concrete on whether your changes on the right are new tumor or inflammation - it is really hared to tell solely on their appearance especially since PET/CT gives less anatomical definition/distinction than a designated chest CT.

The follow up scan can help there even though changes can take longer than 4 weeks to clear completely they should be able to see if there is some clearing of your scan (which would be good news).If you did not have treatment on the left and the changes there are new and persistent, that could be more concerning.

Your CEA in the setting of a pneumonia is also hard to read - can be affected to a small extent(like yours) due to inflammation.

Pulling for ya

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Anna is one smart cookie. With this disease, no matter which way you choose to fight it, sometimes it just has a mind of its own, you can only do what is right for you with the hand you have been dealt.

Its goona be fine, just keep thinking that. If its not, well, we will all be here for ya and you will just move forward and do what you have to.

Hugs - Tina

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Hi Jennie, You're right, we should all enjoy each and every day - so keep singing! :-) Sending you good vibes for a negative scan. Hugs, Cynthia

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I know where you are coming from-- I too have the highs and lows..... I have you in my thoughts for a good report!

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Oh Jennie,

I do like the "bring it on" attitude and all your perkiness, but I know what you must be going through. I am keeping you in thought and prayer until you get all your results. Take care, my friend!


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not to tight dont want you to stop breathing. :-p I know you'll be fine sis
Hugs again as I hit the road. lol

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Sending you my prayers from here!

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Hi Jennie, I'll be sending you some good vibes for a good ct-scan. Hope it all is well...Blessing...Lourdes

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I hope all goes well u are in my thoughts and prayers. I am doing the waiting game too ct scan done last thursday spot on lung they want to do a needle biopsy i am getting scared not for me but my grandkids they need there grandma they lost grandpa they can't lose me too


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to tough to have anything up now.....straight ahead....as Kerry S says, he has an ARIES attitude....he makes simply out of complex and meets it head on........It it what it is is right..just roll with it sweetie.........buzz

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Please keep us posted on when you are having your biopsy and the results.

You know that we are here for you.

Praying for good results for you.



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I will


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I am thinking of you + hoping for good results for you.

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Yes, please let us know. I am sorry you are having to wait like this. I hope and pray you get an all clear.


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Attitude is so important in the battle against this terrible disease. It seems like you have a great one and will join you in praying that you get great news when your CEA numbers come back as well as the results from you scan.


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Thinking of you today Jennie.

Sending warm hugs.


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Thinking of you today Jennie.

Sending warm hugs.


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Hi Jennie,

Lovely inspirational quote from someone who knows. I'll be dancing this weekend, I hope you can put the results out of your mind and just dance as well.

I hope the results are clear of cancer.

goodluck and prayers,


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