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Its Back!

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Well I got the call today..... Surgery again. I'm a little upset but nothing like before.

I'm just thankful I was able to postpone for a few weeks. Doc not happy but I need a few weeks to prepare. Mostly tell the kids again.... thats the hardest part. Watching their faces go from carefree to instant worry.

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Hello Donna, I'm sorry to hear you'll need another surgery, and I sympathize with how you must feel to let your kids know. I'm glad you've taken a break to prepare. Get your strength and resolve ready, get the surgery done, and set your sights on a recovery. It will happen for you. Payers and thoughts for you and your family.

best, Hal

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I am so sorry to read this. Keeping you in my thoughts. Hoping that this time will
Be the cure.

Posts: 72
Joined: Nov 2010

Thanks for the kind words and all the prayers!

Trying to keep my head up like nothing is wrong.... I woke up this morning hoping it was just a bad dream. Now I have to go into work and explain I need more time off for surgery. Boss is not going to be happy!

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Sorry about the boss situation, but it is what it is....

Your health and longevity is what's most important, and you'll do what you need to do. Hoping it will be successful, and try to maintain positive thinking....surround yourselve with positive thinking people...

Faith, Family & Friends

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Easy said than done I know, prayers are with you from a great group here....We are here for you in support....Dennis

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God will make your path straight and smooth out the bump in the road. You will be healed.

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Well, God bless you and your family. Keep saying your prayers -- and we will pray for you, too!

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I understand how disappointing and scary that must be. I'm sorry you have to go through this; know that you never go alone. Thoughts and prayers for peace and strength Donna.


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Hi, Donna. Just a few weeks ago, I received that same news. After an "all clear", I found another lump that my ENT thought was suspicious and he wanted to remove it. So, once again, he opened up my neck and the second lump was also malignant. So, I fully understand the roller coaster of emotions that must be going through your head right now. Please add my best wishes and prayers to the many kind people on this site who are also pulling for you. Let's all beat this thing and enjoy our life and loved ones.


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This too shall pass, you are strong and this will be but a small bump in the road.

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you are in my prayers also, Donna. This is hard, I know.

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I too am sorry to hear this news, but hang in there and keep as positive as you can, I like many here will keep you in my prayers that this time all goes well.


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Pam M
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Good that your doc is on it, and ready to take care of business. But very sorry that you have to do this, and that you have to watch your family's faces when you break the news. Do well.

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Joined: Nov 2010

I have to say thank you again for all the kind words and prayers. They really help!

I have good news my boss took the news better than expected. Also my kids already knew something was up they were just waiting for me to tell them. They told me I did not have a very good poker face.

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Donna, Have you heard about hyperthermia for head and neck cancer?

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Thanks for the info. I went to the Valley Cancer Institute web site. They actually heat the cancer and also use low doses of Rads at the same time. It sounds like a lot of people have had great success with this type of treatment. I will brings this up to my ENT this week to see what he says.

My first surgery they used a co2 laser and froze the tongue. It looked freezer burned for weeks on end. I did not think my tongue would ever turn pink again. The last few have been surgeries. (I feel pretty lucky for that)

I have noticed in the last few months I have been having more of dry mouth problem. They did say that the saliva gland on the right side was thickening and a little swollen and they gave me salagen to help with that and it has. But still swollen and sore. But that was before they decided to do surgery. My doctors did not like the path report and said they need to remove more. Not sure how much. I guess i wont know until after surgery!

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Glenna M
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So sorry to hear the news of your upcoming surgery but I am praying that you will do well and it will be gone this time.

Telling your family, especially your children, is one of the hardest thing anyone will ever do but it sounds like your kids are handling it as well as can be expected. Good news about your boss also.

I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Please keep us updated on how you are doing.

Stay strong,

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Donna, stay positive and remember everyone here is praying for you in their own way all the time. I believe everyone has a little angel sitting on their shoulder and he'll be right there with you. Mine drives me crazy sometimes. Roze

Kent Cass
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If your hypothermia question didn't get answered, google "Hyperthermia", or do the same with Wikipedia. I'm not familiar with it.

Sorry to hear of this setback, girl. Be strong, for yourself, and your family. They're with you 100%, as are we, and they'll provide all the love and help you will need. Know you are in all of our Prayers, Donna.



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I will just repeat what Kent said and tell you we are all 100% behind you. Have faith in your ENT and you'll get better quickly.
All the best,

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