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Something odd

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Hi Ladies,
I am wondering if any of you have problems with phlegm? Mom has always had acid reflux but nearly every night after dinner she feels like her dinner is stuck in her chest and she has a large buildup of phlegm.
If you have dealt with this please let me know what to do about it. This has been going on for months yet we know her lungs are clear.

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has mom ever had an endoscopy. Check out her esophagus. Its important to follow up ASAP when any food gets stuck.My husband has esophageal cancer.


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My mother never had acid reflux, but she does now after 2 years of surgery and chemo. Even with two prescriptions, she's usually good for one small meal each day before she gets hiccups and feels like the food won't go down. She had a clear PT last month, but I swear something is going on.

Mom developed noisy breathing and a wet cough last week, which I'm hoping is not pleural effusion. It comes and goes, so we'll have to wait and see.

Did you once mention that your mom was a smoker? A friend of my mother's started coughing up phlegm daily, and it turned out to be emphysema. She used to be a heavy smoker. She uses an inhaler twice a day, and it helps.

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Nope Mom is not and never has been a smoker. Her breathing is fine. She saw a symptom management doctor today and she changed all of mom's meds so we are hoping for some success.

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I have a friend who had exactly the same problem before her acid reflux was diagnosed. If your mother is not on medication she probably should be. Best to consult a doctor about this.

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