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Avastin and red wine

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Here is a link with several articles on Avastin. The one with avastin and red wine is the last article on the page.


here is another article about Avastin and ovca:


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Those are really interesting articles. I would especially like to know more about
resveratrol, since I can't have any alcohol because of my neuropathy. There seems to be a lot of conflicting and incomplete info about it, I think mostly because it is so new.


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DB.... I am curious about your doctor's prohibition against alcohol due to your neuropathy. I know something about alcohol related neuropathy. My dad, an alcoholic for many years, suffered from it and neuropathy in alcoholics is well known and well documented. Your doctor, however, is the only gyn/oncologist I have ever heard of who makes a correlation between chemo induced neuropathy and moderate consumption of alcohol.

Did he specifically say that a glass of wine a couple of days a week would make the neuropathy worse? I know you mentioned a personal experience when you had a worsening of symptoms following the ingestion of a small amount of alcohol. I'm wondering if maybe your body/nervous system has a rare sensitivity to alcohol, even in very small amounts .

I know that we are all individuals not textbook perfect examples. For example, there is a natural immunity to some childhood diseases that runs in my mom's family. My great-grandmother, my grandmother, my mom and myself could not "catch" mumps or Rubella (German or three day measles). In spite of repeated close association with infected persons, we did not contract the diseases. All of us had siblings that were not immune. Doctors cannot explain these things but they do acknowledge that they happen. You may have a super acute sensitivity to alcohol and just didn't know it.


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I don't recall my doctor talking about alcohol or diet at all. My NP might have, but I remember getting a booklet or sheet of paper with dietary guidelines while undergoing chemo, and that's where I saw it. I have every piece of paper from start to finish, and I could not find that particular piece of information anywhere! I'll have to take a closer look when I have more time, and also look in one other possible place where I might have put it. The weekends are my busy time, so I won't get to it until Monday, but I am already going crazy over it!

I have a fairly normal tolerance for alcohol. I had to make a rule for myself never to drink more than 2 mixed drinks, because after that I lose track, but I can drink a few beers or glasses of wine with no problem - normally. I would love to be able to drink now, but I can't risk my feet.

I WILL find it!

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