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Vaginal Stenosis

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I was just wondering if there was anyone WHO DID NOT have major Vaginal Stenosis problems?

My sister finished her treatment a couple of wks ago and she is now waiting to see if the tumor shrunk. It's a scary time waiting, isn't it?

Blessings and Prayers to you all.


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I wish I could say I don't have vaginal stenosis as a side effect, but I do. I just posted on another thread that my gyno has me on Vagifem vaginal tablets to help with this. They seem to be helping with the dryness and discomfort when using the dilator.

As for waiting, it's never easy. When will your sister have her first post-treatment scan? Please keep us posted. I wish her a quick recovery and all good news.

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Hi Cookie,

I have some pain during sex but I do not have MAJOR vaginal Stenosis. It took a few months before I could be with my husband but it did happen. I also used a dilator for a few weeks and my doctor put me on Premarin cream for a few weeks. It seemed to help.

The waiting is very hard. Hang in there and keep your sister's mind as busy as you can so that she doesn't think too much about it. Please keep us updated. I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.

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Yes, I am waiting to. My anoscopy is on March 30th and the PET scan a month later. I am sending good energy that it is all gone!!

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