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Just starting my journey - and looking for some help!

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Thanks in advance for taking a quick 5 mins to help me find some well needed answers. I am a 36 year old male and my recent FNA results showed signs of Hurthle cells. The nodular is less than 1cm. I wanted to see if anyone else has:

1) a Hurthle cell nodular that was benign once removed?
2) a story of a nodular or tumor that was a similar size (1cm)?
3) experienced an ear ache/gland swelling post FNA?
4) experienced any muscle aches that were associated with metastasis?
5) is it better to have a cold, warm, or hot nodular?
6) experienced more frequent hair loss?
7) experienced any differences in breathing related to lungs vs. windpipe?

I have my first consultation with my surgeon tomorrow and any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, JJ

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well i have some but not many of your cases

1) no
2) yes and no my largest was 7.1cm i had a few other spots 6mm and 8 mm
3) no
4) no mine was caught before it spread (we hope)
5) it depends... each type means diffrent things to the doctor and any can be bad or good in comparison
6) cant answer that one lost most my hair before
7) yes I had difficulty breathing the 7.1cm node was pussing aginst my windpipe and they had to do an awake intubation cause my wind pipe was radicaly shifted.

my story is on this board http://csn.cancer.org/node/204377

good luck and please give us an update and ask more questions


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