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Started Avastin today; picking up Cytoxin in pill form tomorrow to add to my regime. Got my CT/PET results.

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Got my results today from last week's CT/PET. That 550 point rise in CA125 these past 2 months I was on carboplatin was from significant disease progression in my liver. Mets there now involve 35% of my liver, but my oncologist said you can have normal liver function even with 90% involvement. Otherwise the scan showed that the carbo shrank the malignant node in my arm pit; and the para-aortic node grew some but not a lot. The good news is that no new organs lit up with cancer, which was my real fear when the CA125 shot up like that.

The other good news is that my insurance approved Avastin and I was able to get an infusion today. So it will be avastin/cytoxin for me now. The treatment schedule is perfect for me to take a 4-day Christmas-present trip with my oldest son at the end of this month to the Dominican Republic. SUNSHINE; YEA! I feel good on Avastin so far. I hope this is the magic bullet for me that will get this cancer back under control.

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glad to hear everything is stable. Enjoy your trip this year and enjoy being with your son. I will be going for my 4th round carb/taxol this thursday. Are there any side effecys from your oral chemo? I wish we all can have this...val

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Glad you are stable and that your insurance approved the Avastin, so you were able to start already! Enjoy the trip with your son. What a great present!

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That's great news Linda. I really do hope that this treatment will be the magic bullet!!
Enjoy your holiday and relax.

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Hi Linda i am happy that you were approved for avastin,and that you have time to go on little warm vacation.
Hope this is magic bullet for you. Please believe in it!

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It is great for a person to hear that no new organs are affected by the cancer, Congratulations. I started on Avastin/Cytoxin last year, I'm going (hopefully) today for Cycle 3. I haven't had any bad side effects so far and it is pretty well tolerated. I hope this is the magic bullet for you and that the cancer will get back under control. It's great that you're able to get away for a few days, I hope to bring my nephew to Disney World later this year.

P.S. I've read that more and more people with OC are trying Avastin.

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Hi Linda,

I KNEW your doc would pull off the insurance approval. You must be relieved. Glad plan will allow you freedom to travel and get some warm sunshine.

Love, Mary Ann

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Good luck Linda. Here is a article published today about Avastin and OVCA.


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YEAH! I'm so glad to hear that your insurance approved the Avastin and that there was no new involement. Enjoy the sunshine/I'm beginning to feel like I'm living in Siberia.. :)
(((HUGS))) Maria

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I'm so glad you can go on your trip ! Good Luck with your avastin /cytoxin treatment , I'm going on avastin in a week or so .

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So glad the insurance came through on the avastin. I some how knew you could do that. The trip timing is perfect.
You go girl!!!

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The Avastin should be a walk in the park for you! :) :) :)

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You have a great attitude about where you are at! You are an inspiration to me. It sounds like you feel quite well, despite the liver involvement. I will be taking Avastin too, if my insurance allows it. Anyway, keep on keeping on.....enjoying life is what it is all about.


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