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new weird type of pain

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I don't know what this is and I'm wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar. I'm hoping its adhesions or muscle. I've been having pain/discomfort around and above the area where my ostomy was. My ostomy was reversed 1 yr ago this month. The pain is worse when I go to stand up or sit down. Almost like a surgical pain. Of course I haven't had surgery in over a year. If I palpate the area surrounding my old ostomy site I almost feel a thickening under the skin. Not a mass. I'm hoping it is scar tissue. So, my question is. Has anyone had complications with adhesions or scar tissue?

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sorry to hear you are having pain. I think the thickening you feel is scar tissue. What kind of pain do you have,sharp,dull,ache? I hope it is not too bad. I have never had an illeostomy but I did have a bowel restion and I have a thickening near my belly button. Maybe a visit to you md just to put your mind at ease, any new pain is scarey

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Nancy....my grandson has had 3 separate colostomies, and each one produced adhesions that could be felt by palpitating his belly. It's been almost 10 years since his last surgery, and you can still feel the adhesions under the ostomy site (he is very thin).

The gastrointerologist who operated on Nick told us that some people are just more prone to adhesions than others. It has nothing to do with the skill of the surgeon or the success of the procedure.

As for pain, I don't remember if Nick complained of pain a long time after his ostomy was closed or not. I can definitely say that my primary tumor was the size of a softball, and completely painless. My money is on scar tissue/adhesions, but just for peace of mind, I'd ask Dr S to check it out at my next appointment.


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I continue to have odd sensations appear around surgery areas, certain locations that just continue, but none severe. They always get my attention that's for sure! First thought is panic and the worst. But with my negative scans I keep telling myself it is most likely continuing after effects of scar tissue and adhesions. But your doctor's thoughts would be most reassuring so best to check, especially if it continues or gets worse.

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I have what I think is adhesion pain sometimes. I assume it is adhesions, as there is no sign of tumor on the scan and it is a sharp pain. Usually lasts about a week or so, then nothing. It is deep inside, so can't feel anything. The thickening under the skin sounds like an adhesion to me.

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