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I've always had HOPE. I used to hope for a good hair day, the sun to shine on a day I planned an outdoor party or vacation...maybe (along time ago :) ) that a boy that I liked, liked me back. After being diagnosed with cancer, the things I hope for have changed dramatically. In the last couple of years, I have hoped for easy treatments, hoped they found it in time....hoped the surgery would go well, hoped for clear scans....but most of all I hoped I would be here for my daughters and to see my granchildren born.
One year ago today, I hoped the liver resection I was having on February 9th would be successful and that I would be here for another year. Well it was and I AM!!!!

TODAY and always, my biggest hope is that my daughters never hear those 3 life changing words..."you have cancer", that's why I'm doing my part to support the American Cancer Society by being a team captain for Relay for Life. If you aren't familiar with this event, please visit the website. It is an amazing event that raises $$ for the treatment,research, programs and services, for ALL cancers! This life saving site that we have all turned to for support, suggestions, laughs and tears, and most of all bonds with others experiencing the exact same thing we are is just one of many wonderful things the American Cancer Society provides to people living with cancer.

I don't usually ask for donations, but being a volunteer for the American Cancer Society and experiencing cancer first hand, I see how vital this support is. So, I'm asking if you are not already contributing to just give up one 20oz coffee for US! Even $5.00 provides an hour of toll-free access to the National Cancer Information Center, providing support and valuable info to a newly diagnosed cancer patient.
www.beavertonrelay.org gets you to my website. My team name is Fearless Angels. We walk to honor so many of our family members and each other. Let's make a difference....let's celebrate more birthdays, and let's HOPE like heck for a CURE for cancer!!!

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Congradulations on 1 year aniversary of your liver resection. What a beautiful post you wrote. I am on my work computer, but tommorow I will go to your site. I wish you well. Lori

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Congratulations Sue! I read about your liver resection while I was getting treatments last year. We made it through another year with that HOPE! I too, am a captian for the first time for Relay for Life. Together we will win!
God Bless...

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Sue, I am so glad to hear your good news!!! Right now my husband and I share his laptop with limited connectivity cuz we can't afford the internet with all my medicql bills piling up, but if you would send a link to my email basleemeldee@yahoo.com, I would love to get involved. Melodie

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Sue, I am so happy for you and to hear of your one year anniversary of the liver resection, may you have many many many more of these wonderful anniversaries. I will look at your website...what better donation than to make it for HOPE and CURE for cancer. Take care, hugs, Marilyne

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Danged if i can remember how to email someone personally!!! Can you ping me your email address :)??

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for all of our involvement in making this world a cancer free world. I will support you and thus all of us. It was nice to read the post and I can relate... just want to see my 2 year old grow up, fall in love, get married... and watch him turn into the beautiful human being he is becoming.

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Congratulations on your one year resection success!!!

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Reading this message made me cry because I can relate in so many ways. This fight changed my life, my hopes, dreams, ambitions, and aspirations, for the future. It strengthened my faith and made me more humble and appreciative of family, friends, food, and shelter, and now I basically live and enjoy one day at a time. But the desire of wanting to be here for my daughter is now more ambitios than ever. I want to be able to console her when she breaks up with her boyfriend and assure her that she will be ok. I want to help her plan her wedding, and be of her assistance when she has questions about babies. I want to keep her kids while she goes out with her friends/husband; I want to be in her life. My mom died when I was 14 and I felt lost, it took me many years to get over it. I needed and missed her so much as a teenager and into adulthood that I had a void in my heart for many years. I just don’t want my daughter to feel that way ever. Thank you for getting involved and doing your part! God Bless You!!!

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