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A feeling of triumph!

abrub Member Posts: 2,173 **
I was just approved for Long Term Care Health Insurance, even with my cancer history! We (my husband and I) were a little afraid to apply, because if I was turned down, I would have had to wait 10 years to re-apply. However, the insurance company looked at my medical records, and despite being less than 3 years out of treatment, they approved me!


Happy Alice


  • thxmiker
    thxmiker Member Posts: 1,278
    There are some fair companies out there! It gives us hope that other companies will be more fair too.

    Best Always, mike
  • geotina
    geotina Member Posts: 2,111
    That is good news. I, also, have a long term care policy.

    Take care - Tina
  • AnneCan
    AnneCan Member Posts: 3,673
    That is terrific!
  • Buzzard
    Buzzard Member Posts: 3,043
    AnneCan said:

    That is terrific!

    Happy for you Alice.........
    Sometimes the good guys do win !!!!!!!Love to you and yours, Buzz
  • tootsie1
    tootsie1 Member Posts: 5,036
    That's great! No wonder you're happy!

  • herdizziness
    herdizziness Member Posts: 3,624
    Alice, that is fantastic!!! I'm so glad you qualified!!!
    Winter Marie