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I hope noone minds that I invited my baby sister to our discussions. she does not have cancer, thank GOD, but I need some one in my family to understand what I'm going thru. I've asked my my husband to read some of the posts, but it would take away from his Mafia Wars time. As I said the other night, my skin is breaking open and bleeding, my *** itches so bad I can't stand it, I get maybe 2 hours of sleep per night, it takes me hours to clean my house, I can't work... I just want to lay down and call it quits. Lidocane does't help Ibeprophine doesn't help, lotion doesn't help, sleepy time tea with honey doesn't help. Where do I go from here? Melodie

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I think it's great that you have your sister joining and great that she wants to.
As for the skin issues, first of all I'm sorry you are going through this. Please ask your doctors for Silverdane (spelling?). It is a very good cream and heals burns faster than anything I've seen. I wasn't able to use it during treatment but the day of my last treatment I slapped it on and continued to do so. My burns healed within 1 week or so. You might want to ask them if you can be referred to a specialist that can help you treat the area. You have to careful about infection as well, which I'm sure you know. I would call the doctors and tell them that you need something because it is unbearable. As for sleeping, the best non-narcotic over the counter thing I found was Midnight. It's all natural and does help.
I really hope you find some releif.

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When I was in the hospital the last week of treatments, I was referred to a "wound specialist". She explained to me that it's tricky balancing the right amount of moisture with the right amount of dryness. This is a difficult area to treat. She covered my "areas" with a "Mepilex Transfer" bandage. It was instantly soothing. You might look into this option - being referred to a wound care specialist. The itching is something that made me wish I was dead, and this bandage soothed that as well. It just felt good to have something covering my tender, touchy skin. Good luck, you are in my prayers.

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