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Has anyone heard of this?

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A friend of mine called me today about something called IP6 Inositol. I googled it and it sounds very interesting. I go to my first Oncology visit on Monday and will ask about it while I'm there. Does anyone know anything about it - pros/cons?

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The integrative doctor suggested my husband take it & he does. We haven't noticed any significant difference, but he still takes it. The doc said it is one of the most important supplements.

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Not sure if it did me any good or not. For the longest time, my lung mets were stable. They didn't go away and they didn't grow... and were considered very small. For three years, I was chemo-free, although couldn't be considered NED since I did have these stable lung mets. But then, last Spring they started growing, so back on chemo I went. I was still on the IP6 Inositol, so I have no idea if they just stopped working, or if they gave me time, or if the stability of my mets and then the need for chemo because they started growing... had anything to do with the IP6 Inositol or not.

That's the problem with some of the supplements. You really have no idea if they are working as they should be .. on the other hand, if they don't interfere with other meds you are on, then there's no harm in trying them.


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A friend of mine heard about IP6 with inositol (Cell Forte brand) from a health store owner/herbalist about 20 years ago.  She advised he take it for bladder cancer.  He did not do chemo or radiation....only the IP6. I don't know how long he took it, but he eliminated the bladder cancer.  When I heard about this, after doing a great deal of research first, I began taking it after I had completed chemo treatments for a return of ovarian cancer.  At the time my CA125 (cancer marker) was 10.8.  Two months later, when I went back in for a check-up, my CA 125 was 9.6.  I had not done anything different other than take the IP6.  Needless to say, I will probably take IP6 for the rest of my long long life.

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