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dose ear tubes hurt to get put in

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HI all i hope everyone is good and well I have a ? im still having trouble with my ear I had prednisone but it helped a little I might need the ear tube they said they will cut my ear and i will be woke is this painfull?

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Hi Survivor31,
I don't have tubes in my ears, but my elderly mom (89) had one put in her ear last year, They did cut/drain her ear then put in the tube. She did fine, only a little discomfort. It is a very brief procedure, so any pain or discomfort should be short lived. Good luck.

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I have tubes for about 7 years now and have a few problems, but the good they due outweight the problems with them. You will not feel a thing; the doc will put you under for about 10 min and its all over. The Importance thing is to make sure when you wash your hair or take a bath not to let water get into your ear.

Take care

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ENT put tube in my ear before they found out it was NPC. The procedure didn't hurt and it is still there until now, 1 year post treatment. The ear with tube is giving me problem of blocked hearing and a little bloody discharge daily. ENT is aware of it and gave me antibiotics, anti fungal and anti histamine. I don't know what else to do :(

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My name is Bryan Haught, 31yrs old and I was diagnosed with NPC in 2004, had both chemotherapy and radiation treatment from May to October of 2004. No surgery thank God, in December of that uear I was diagnosed Cancer free. Here I thought my life will get back on track little by little well that was a lie. Still cant eat or drink by mouth, live with a feeding tube in my abdomen still, over the past 3-4yrs my voice has gone down hill. Its gotten worse, its alot more nasally and just over difficult to understand. Seemsbto be getting worse to, tried speech n swallowing therapy but insurance only covered sessions for 5 months, 2 times a week. Its embarrassing and has drastically effected my social life in every way and I hate it. My wife is such a great support as well as my family in many ways. 


I found your posting on the site and wanted to write to you to see how you are doing and what stage in your life are you at this moment. Its still very rare for me to find someone who has or had the same type of cancer I had so I become interested in knowing if there might be things we can teach each other some how. You never know? My email address is bryan_haught@yahoo.com . Please email me at anytime if you want to talk, complain, vent or just be a oenpal. 


Take care and LiveStrong.......

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hi, just wanted to say I haven't seen the person you're talking to on here for  a while.  i've been on 2 yrs and i've never seen a post by them.  you may want to try a pm but if he doesn't get on, he won't see that either.  sorry, just wanted you to know.  also, there are others here with NPC so if i were you i'd copy and paste my message into a new topic so you can hear back from those who have gone thru tx for NPC and those who are going thru it now.  good luck.


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Hey there girl good to hear from you...hope all is going well.

Glad you made it through the Holiays, did you need to put a woppin on any of those relatives of yours, or did they behave?


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I had a ear tube put in before cancer treatments started and the ENT doctor who did it did not put me out I was awake when he did it and I know when I was younger I had tubes in both ears and they had to put me out but now days its all done in the office while your awake and they do numb it before they do it. Also it didnt hurt when my ENT doctor cut the hole in my ear drum and placed the tube in there but it did hurt when he took it out last month due to major wax build up.

with ear tubes and cancer treatments you have to watch for major wax built up as my ENT doctor said to me.

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