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help, going hypothyroid for body scan

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Hi, I am going hypothyroid for my whole body scan and having horrible muscle pains. Any suggestions?


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The only thing I can suggest would be to drink lots of water and stretch. If you've done yoga in the past give it a try now. And maybe a banana or two a day, the potassium should help.

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Hi Julie,

I have not been Hypo in quite a while but from what I remember I can tell you that Ibuprofen (if you are able to take it) and a warm bath might help. Careful about getting it too hot however. Your body is less able to control your body temperature when you are hypo.


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yes warm bath/shower helps alot

myself I used a hot tub last time (mine is set to 98-99F) if you set yours to body temp it will be theraputic and you can safely stay long periods in it... if its set over 101F you can overheat yourself.. especialy if your hypo

good luck

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Been there- done that- I feel for you.

Ibuprofen or I took Aleve and baths- do help. PAnyhose may hel you- but I didnt try that "this" time. make sure you are getting enough calcium too- as that gives me night cramps

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