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Dana outside Chicago

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How's your Dad doing with his treatments? We had to reschedule last Wed..no could go anywhere and the u of c infustion center was closed...so we did it Friday.

Any good news to tell...I sure hope so.


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Thanks for checking in on us. My dad is doing pretty much as could be expected, I suppose.
He is not into week 2 of the intense 5 week regimen of chemo/radiation. He is fatigued, no appetite, taste buds have changed, and now has bad mouth sores which he says is the worst part so far. He had a J tube inserted and is having some problems with that leaking and causing severe irritation about the incision site. He is a trooper so far and knows he just needs to keep plugging along and get through this.

His radiation was cancelled last week on Wednesday as well, which was not ideal, but they added another session on Saturday for him. Now the deep freeze - ugh. We are "over" winter already.

How is your husband doing?

Posts: 395
Joined: Jul 2009

I was hoping he wouldn't have all those at one time...especially the mouth sores...my husband never had those...but the taste awful part yes he did...even water didn't taste good.

He has never had a j tube...and I sure hope that never happens...mainly because of what you said especially the leakage...

Did they give you an answer about surgery and staging for sure...was his Pet scan ok?

Hubbie has a CT next Wed...so we'll see how it's going then....

I'm so over winter...I think somewhere warm for a week would help...anywhere warm.....

Keep your spirits up somehow...even though most of the time it's like impossible.


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