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What I'm giving up for Lent

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I'm not Catholic or Lutheren, but I have decided to give up something I greatly enjoy for Lent this year to reflect on life and my place in the world.

For Lent I am giving up sleep. Why? Because I'm not getting any anyway.

In the handbook that everyone knows about but no one bothered to give me, they tell you to get an IV pole and have drip coffee going directly in. I missed this memo. Once again I was woken up after a night on the couch for crazy b***s***. I was woken up out of a deep sleep to be told I needed to clean off the living room coffee table.

You woke me up after a night on the most uncomfortable couch ON THE PLANET to tell me this.

Because my immediate unspoken response involves a number of impolite words I won't repeat them. However the gist of it was "do it yourself." I love my husband, I really and truly do. But the next time he tries something like this (most likely tomorrow morning) I'm going to the hardware store and buying rope and tying him down. HE IS DRIVING ME INSANE.

It's nice to know the man I married is still in there. Love you monkey man.

(pssst for some of the newest members, I am very sarcastic by nature. Please laugh this is funny stuff i will remember for years)

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If that's my fave brand of coffee on tap I might clear the table for you as long as you share the caffeine!

Hello :- ) I have followed your posts for a while - love the humor - we all so need it! This morning I discovered my husband removing smoke alarm batteries. He seems to think it's an urgent task too! (lung cancer stage IV mets to brain)

So what should I really give up for Lent? the list is waaaaaaay too long so I can decide another day right? ;-) choices choices .......


Still attempting that Texan ya'llllllllllll with a Brit accent

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luz del lago
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I'd get duck tape! It's faster!

Keep chuckling,


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April, you make me laugh out loud; this is a very good thing.

When I was finalizing what Mike wanted in the way of viewing/service/etc., he verified that he wanted to be cremated. When I asked him what he wanted me to do with his ashes, he said he wanted half of them to be kept and co-mingled and buried with my ashes upon my death, some to be spread under the pine tree across from the Patrol top duty with Harry (our Patrol friend who died unexpectedly in June) and some to be spread around the house. I told him he would make quite a mess in the house if I spread him there. He laughed and said "outside on the property wise guy".

I definitely appreciate your wit. As far as what I am not giving up, that would be sarcasm. Thanks.

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Before the beginning of lent, you get 3 weeks of pre-mardi gras, which is now. You get to party and play and dress up in disguise and spend money, the whole thing. On fat tuesday (mardi gras) your really blow it out, get drunk and party in the streets, the whole thing. Then comes lent.

The one good thing about being down on the gulf coast taking care of my mother da ***** is mardi gras. And seafood.

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use that caffiene IV pole!!! Not being woke up for the same reasons, but def sleep deprived!!!

I agree, duck tape may be faster!!! =)
I'm curious if you cleaned off the table???

Hang in there chickie, you are doing great, and yes, your monkey man is still in there!!!


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and he didn't even notice. looks neater though. I really hate it when he's right.

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Just coming off a three night stay at the hospital with my mom, during which I worked all day and stayed up at the hospital with her all night (sigh).

My question: so you cleaned off the coffee table but in your sleep-deprived state will you REMEMBER WHERE YOU PUT EVERYTHING?!?!?!?!?

I know I certainly would not!

Hugs, April.

mr steve
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My wife just yelled at am for having a stack of lumber that was just given to me in the living room for 2 weeks now...I told her it was good workout just moving around it. I hope to get out of the ER by lunch time....

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April...funny but interesting. Towards the end, Ken seemed to get impatient about me doing things that I thought were definitely low priority compared to all the other things I had to do. I would get irritated and probably said things I shouldn't have and which now I regret. In hind sight, I'm thinking that he probably felt so out of control about his health and life that he wanted to exert control over something, even if it was just trivial things. Wish that thought had come to me earlier. So do the best you can to appease him while you can.
Take care.

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Tina Blondek
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Hey April
Thanks for the laughs and visuals! Hmmmm...duct tape, handcuffs, locking the bedroom door, sleeping pills to knock him out. The remark about changing the smoke detector batteries reminded me of my dad. :)
I knew he was around me somehow! The day we found out his cancer went from his esophagus to his liver, he was told to go to the hospital immediately. Well....not him. He had to first go pick up his truck, go to the hardware store to get a new light bulb for the light in the kitchen, and install that new light bulb so mom could see better in the kitchen! You have got to love them. Hang in there April, you will look back at these moments many times and smile! It is almost a year for my dad, and I smile all the time thinking of him! Hugs to you both. And...good luck on your Lent decision.
Tina in Va

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