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Metaphysical Healing Properties

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I hope this is an appropriate place for this topic. If not, I apologize.

Has anyone had any success with healing powers of any stones like Amethyst, Turquoise, Tourmaline, etc.? I have not read a lot of information on this, but at the gem show this weekend, one of the vendors was telling me about some of these types of properties. Do you think it's just a lot of hype or does it really work? I bought a couple of stones to send to Johnnybegood. I figured it sure couldn't hurt.

My best to everyone,


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Hi Wolfen. I have no information on the power of certain stones but who knows. Different stones have different densities and scientific properties so the energy in and from them might be valuable for certain reasons but again who knows.

I know that for sure it has been studied that the power of belief can work wonders to people so possibly that alone might be involved in any instances of healings using stones. It's an interesting subject. The power of belief in anything I personally think is powerful.

Thanks for the question, it's a fascinating one.



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It falls under spiritual, right so why not here?
I do not use any stones (a stoner?) but quartz has properties that can be measured just as other stones have. I do not see any reason why there could not be more to them than meets the eye.

I think if you got JohnnyBeGood a nice 10 carat "Rock" that it could certainly lift their spirits!

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I don't use stones for healing. My daughter on the other hand has always gravitated towards various stones for various reasons. I don't know in exactly what way it has helped her. I have a friend who swears by crystal healing however it has never really done much for me. I think there is so much we don't know and each person is so different who knows, maybe this is just what Jonnybegood needs right now. Or not. It never hurts to try and explore it. I would be interested to hear of what the outcome is.

and the best to you.

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Not to rain on the politically correct parade, but while others are correct in that there are many mysteries still out there (MD Anderson is doing heavy duty research on the benefits of traditional Chinese therapies when applied along with the latest Western methods), I would advise that these alternative remedies be tried only in conjunction with the aforementioned traditional western treatments rather than instead of them.

Best wishes to your friend and his family and friends.

Take care,


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Absolutely Joe. I certainly don't advocate these alternative therapies in place of traditional medicine. In conjuntion yes and for some things (herbs, juicing etc) with doctor's approval as well.

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I've never heard of healing stones, but it they help or you think they do then get a bunch.
My husband was "my rock" (no pun intended), and when I lost him I found some small stones that he collected on one of our trips, and they give me comfort. Hey whatever works, right?
Take care! "Carole"

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My sister sent me some stones this last Christmas: pink agate, to strengthen the bonds between parents & children; aventurine, to eliminate fear; smoky quartz, for endurance; and amethyst for healing. It left me more than a little nonplussed, as my sister is as much a skeptic as I am. On reflection, I think the stones are just tangible symbols of her wishes for me and as such, very welcome. =)

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