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I been observing the board but haven't posted

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I had a very good friend that recommended me to this board her name on here was MOE58, I understand she is no longer on here due to not meeting the policy guidelines, I am one of her best friends and my companion is a survivor of EC, she has been a great assest to me during my time. My companion had the IVOR LEWIS surgery and is doing great. I hope to be able to support other people on here.

I wish all of you the best while going through this ugly disease. If I can help please let me know


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Welcome to our EC family. We are glad to hear things are going well for you and your family.


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Yes Moe told me all about you, and to answer your question yes she didn't like you in the beginning, but as I sat with her at the hospital when her companion was a touch and go situation for so long she always looked for something from you to lift her up during her time she didn't know if he was going to make it.

I am so glad you have been a survivor for so long. Yes William, she still talks about you and how much she misses you on this board, i will certainly pass information on to her, since i normally see her daily, so that if someone needs help she will be able to guide me to help others on this board, she really misses talking to people on this board but since she is well known here I am sure she will help reply to each and everyone as long as she can.

Her companion is doing quite well he is still a survivor and if all things goes well he will be NED still after 2 years on APRIL 1, so say some prayers that things go well.

I remember when they found out and she was beside herself she just didn't know if she could do it, but I kept telling her she could, she has had some rough roads, so I told her to pull up those BIG GIRL PANTIES and she could do it, she told me a story about her BGP being the story of all newcomers on this site back then, she had to wear them alot taking care of her parents before they passed on, she has put those away and hopes she doesn't have to wear them for awhile.

I will tell her you were thinking of her, and I am sure she will be by when she can to read your post

Talk soon

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Annette, please say hi, and convey my thanks to moe. Could you also ask her to email me with her email address. She was very helpful to me and I don't want to lose that contact with her. Thanks. Welcome to the forum!

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Hi Annette,
Welcome to our board and you sound like you will be a good asset to all of us. There can never be too many people ready and willing to help everyone with the various questions that come up fighting this EC. take care and thanks for joining all of us.

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