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NASTY colonoscopy!

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First - the portion he was able to do was "Normal Exam"!

That's where it goes down hill. Woke up in Recovery in major abdominal pain. Turns out he could only 'get to' 2/3rds of colon (what he got to was normal YEAH). There was a 'Jumble' (at least that what Hubby said he was told) that he could not get into (honestly I'm not real sure everything I was told). There were X-rays done in Recovery but only showed the air they had put in. Went to get dressed and belly was so bloated jeans couldn't get within 3 inches of fastening. We came home - Hubby was wanting to take me back to ER but I refused so he called work and told them he wouldn't be in today as he was taking me to ER in the AM. Major pain (with NOTHING passing through the night) so I agreed to go to ER this morn.

The Dr. I saw this morn ordered more X-rays which were almost identical to the ones done yesterday. She ordered supposotories (SP?). So far nothing has happened.

The Dr who did the Colonscopy is passing on to my PA that a barium enema should be done to check the areas that he couldn't. I'll be calling her Mon to talk with her - I'm not sure rather or not it'll be needed - this was only done as a 'safety' measure as I'm IBC.

As the Dr who did the test said before it - 1 out of 10,000 has a problem - I happened one of those few. Will I do it again - I don't know - I do want to find out more on 'jumble'.

Thank you all for being there - you were felt.


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Hi Susan,

As if you haven't already been through enough? I have never heard of anyone having such problems after a colonoscopy. Guess you were just one of the "lucky" ones. I had my 1st colonoscopy the month after my 50th birthday. The prep was yucky but the procedure itself was a breeze. I was told to come back in 10 years (no family history of colon cancer). PLEASE don't let this one bad experience prevent you from having another one when the doctor tells you it is that time again.

I am a HUGE proponent of colonscopies. My husband procrastinated about getting a colonoscopy until he was 56 which was a big mistake. The gastroenterologist was unable to get the scope past the mass in the last 1/3 of his colon. We were sitting in the surgeon's office within 2 hours and the following day he had a large portion of his colon removed. He was expected to be in the hospital for 5 days but had a difficult recovery and was there for 10 days. He then had a port implanted and had 8 rounds of chemo (IV and oral). It was a big wake up call for him and everyone that knew him. It is now almost 4 years later and he is doing great.

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I am so sorry that they weren't able to see the entire colon. I thought that I read somewhere that the last section is harder to done but isn't usually impossible. And the bloating is something that I have never had but some people do. I don't think that it usual to the extent you had this. UGH!! Glad you went to the ER, always a good precaution. I would definitely to the barium enema exam to have them check that last section. Not a pleasant test either and when you do it, be sure and use stool softeners and increase your fiber etc so if you get constipated you will have done everything to help. And I would think that if this shows everything else is looking good you might be able to go 10 years or at least 5 without having to have either test done again. I need to go yearly for the colonoscopy and I know if I had the problems you just did that I would procrastinate it to 2 years but it is important to have this test sometime after we turn 50. Many people have put it off too long like Jessiesmom's husband and then regretted it. Glad to see that you did it, just sorry that it was especially not nice for you.

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First thing did you drink "ALL" the nasty stuff? if not you might just have stool blockage? don't scare yourself until you find out everything,I love everyone on the board but we really do jump to the worst before we think! everything doesn't turn out to be cancer. MOLLYZ

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Oh geez, that does sound nasty! I've never had one, my husband has had a few and it was always the preps he hated. Hope you get "moving" soon and find out more about this "jumble".

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I too am really sorry you had this experience. I hope it all gets better soon...but at least you had it done..that is the main thing. Take care. Pat

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