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New problem for Vince

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My poor husband can't seem to get a break. Yesterday he had 1 1/2 liters of fluid drained from his left pleura. After the drainage they did an Xray and his lung did not inflate back. So we went back again at 2:00 for another xray and it still did not expand. The radialogist told him if he has any shortness of breath over the weekend to go to the Er. So far he is just still tired but no abnormal SOB.
On Monday he will go in for bloodwork at the cancer center to see if they will give him the Procrit shot. Insurance will only pay for the $6,000.00 shot if your RBC count is really down. Anyhow after that he will have another Chext xray to see about the lung. If you noticed on the Pet scan it said he has airspace disease. I guess because the fluid was there so long his lung shrunk and is now not inflated properly from fluid pressing on it. The radiologist did not say what we could do about it if it doesn't come back on its own. On Monday I will ask at the cancer center. Maybe we will have to go to a Pulmonary Dr.

I did e-mail Chuck, Dr. Luketich and Dr. Gibson about the clinical trail and the TPN but so far only Dr. Gibson e-mailed back. he said he didn't know what should be done regarding TPN and also said Vince may not qualify for the clinical trial as he is stable. So what now????We will see our onc on Thursday and see what happens.
Vince had to start back on the TPN last night as they didn't do the JTUBE and had no problem with vomiting. Maybe the vomiting was to do with the fluid in the lung.
I would love to go see Dr. Luketich but at this point he may not be able to help. No one from UPMC has suggested we go there.

Thanks for listening


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Barb, it seems the roller coaster isn't going to slow down- one hill after another. Sorry about the lung. I never had to go through what Vince and some of the others are going through. My thoughts and prayers continue for you all.

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Thank you Sandy. I do so want off this rollercoaster. You know what all my life I have been afraid of rollercoasters and Vince has always loved them. I bet he doesn't now.



Posts: 377
Joined: Oct 2010

Thank you Sandy. I do so want off this rollercoaster. You know what all my life I have been afraid of rollercoasters and Vince has always loved them. I bet he doesn't now.



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I will keep you in my prayers. I am with you I hate roller coasters --- always have. Even when my kids would try and force me into going on them I finally said one day --- I hate how I feel on them and refuse to go on them anymore. Well who knew that life was going to put me on a ride. Some days I don't even think putting on the belt and holding on will keep me on the ride. But things slow down a little I catch a moment and yes keep on going :)

I know it has been really hard to watch everything going on with Vince. I admire how strong and supportive you are. Keep the faith.


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I know you and Vince must be getting frustrated with the events of the last month. It seems like sometimes you just get a string of bad news. I think I remember that you are from Blairsville. Going to Gainesville every time you need a scan must be stressful, particularly, this time of the year when the roads are often difficult in the early morning.

Blairsville had been a favorite place for my wife and me to vacation, very pretty in the summer and fall. We live in a rural area of South Carolina and have a similar trip to Augusta, GA when I need to see my oncologist. When I was doing chemotherapy it was an hour and a half trip each way every Monday for 18 weeks. We put a lot of miles on our car during those four and a half months.

I just wanted to pass along that we are praying for you and Vince every day. I know “stable” is not the progress you were hoping for, but it is better than “the cancer is spreading and not responding to current treatment”. We will continue praying that Vince’s lung improves, and the news get’s better.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams
McCormick, South Carolina

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Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance!

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Barb, so sorry Vince is having complications. I know how hard the roller coaster ride can be! It's both emotionally and physically draining. You just have to try to deal with each "drop" one at a time, and gather your bearings and strength to "climb" back up the next hill!

I'll be praying for both of you. Hang in there.


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I'm sorry to hear that...it just seems like one step forward and who knows how many backwards...

Hopefully they will get the lung to reinflate soon.


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Dear Barb, I do want you to know that you and Vince are in my prayers. It just doesn't seem to be fair that you have to go through this. Hang in there and I hope you get some answers on Monday.


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Tina Blondek
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Hello Barb and Vince
Sorry for your recent setback. My mom just went through the fluid on her left lung after her bypass surgery in Dec. Hoping Monday finds Vince better, and you get the needed answers. Know that we are all here for you and praying daily. keep us posted. Hugs to you both :)
Tina in Va

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