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Has anyone experienced shingles with their ovarian cancer diagnosis

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Has anyone had shingles during their OC diagnosis? Has anyone taken the shingles vaccine?

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I came down with shingles while going through my first series of carbo/taxol. Luckily, I realized very quickly what was going on and I was put on a viral shed type med and it went away rapidly. I think several others here have had the shingle vaccination.... I would highly reccomend trying to avoid it!
(((HUGS)))) Maria

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I was on a break between my treatments over the holidays and right after Christmas I got the shingles. I have never had the shot for it (but I wished I did). I thought at first I was having a heart attack because my chest was hurting but the day I went to the doctor I saw a rash. Yes, it was shingles. I was suppose to start my treatments up again but they delayed it due to the shingles were still broke out on my body. I finished the 7 day pack of pills they gave me and I was scheduled to start my treatment up again .... but NO.... My blood pressure through a wrench into the ring. So I had to wait a couple more weeks for that to get in order.
My rash and blisters cleared up pretty fast but the pain is still with me....Not as bad...but I am definitely on the down side of coming to the end of going through the journey of the "shingles". I just did not realize how painful they were.
I wanted to get the shot for the shingles when I am completely over it; however, my cousin had the shingles right before I did and her's had cleared up. She got the shot... but had a bad reaction and now she has them again.
I want to get through my treatments before I would consider taking the shot.


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I had a very mild case of shingles - on one upper arm - a year or so prior to my cancer diagnosis. I had the vaccine just weeks before my diagnosis. I remember that one of the questions on the form was, "Do you currently have any type of Cancer."

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Thank you all for responding. I'm going to just check with my PCP Monday to see if I should get the vaccine. While I didn't have shingles, we thought I did because I had a terrible pain and dr. thought it might be shingles. He told me that I didn't have any rash but if any came, I should call him immediately. That's why I was wondering about the shingles vaccine. But again, thank you all for responding. It's helps to know that a person isn't alone with symptoms and side effects that get while on chemotherapy.

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I benefitted from other's misfortune. The father of one of my students got shingles and it affected his trigeminal nerve (in the face.) His face was paralyzed and he was in and out of hospitals & rehab. It was over 6 months till he returned to full health. A friend had it also and was very ill and in pain for weeks. After that I got vaccinated & my husband did too. This was several years before my dx. I can't imagine having shingles during Chemo!

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In April 2010, a very painful, "stringy" rash appeared on the back of one thigh. An oncologist who was on call for my doc diagnosed it as shingles. He prescribed an anti-viral medication, and all symptoms (rash + stinging pain) diminished in a week or so. Shingles is a not-uncommon problem for cancer patients, per my doctor. I didn't keep track of the exact prescription I took, but can ask my pharmacist if that would help someone.

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Christine B.
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the first chemo I got a rash that covered my arms, legs, and part of my torso. I had to go in for an IV of Benadryl and steroids. The second chemo I got itchy stinging bumps or blister type things on the top of my head, forehead and around my right eye. Then it swelled around my eye and made me look like I'd been in a fight (no bruising). The chemo doctor without looking at it put me on antibiotics that I don't think helped much. By the time I saw him again, and it had pretty much gone down, he said he thought it might have been a herpes type virus and put me on an antiviral med called Acyclovir which I have been continuing through the rest of my chemos. I have not had a reaction like this since. When I searched the herpes virus on the computer, I found information along with it on shingles.

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