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Ability to smell / Nasal steroid rinse

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Diagnosed with Stage II Esthesioneuroblastoma ("c" of the olfactory/smelling nerves) on January 29, 2009. Tumor removed endoscopically February 9, 2009. I never lost my sense of taste. However, until last week, my ability to smell has been sporadic at best...once or twice a month for a day at the most.

This was until last week when the ENT just placed me on a very low-dosage steroid nasal rinse. This was to get rid of any swelling before my follow-up CTs. Well, oddly enough the decreased swelling must have cleared up my smelling nerves because I've been able to smell for a couple weeks straight!

Obviously my sense of smell is still intact, but I don't know if it will remain so after I come off the steroid rinse. Does anyone have any experience/suggestions with this?

Pura vida!

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I do a lot of sinus rinse for NPC but none of it affected my sense of smell, I guess it is possible that the steroid could be blocking the smelling nerves. Did you call and ask your ENT about thins side affect, if not I would do it as soon as you can.

Take care

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Wondering why you dr. wanted you to use spray before ct scan. My mother had an abnormal ct scan last week

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