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Visualization and Prayer

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Christine B.
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Comes from Getting Well Again by George Simonton: Think of cancer as weak and disorganized crazy cells. Chemo as strong soldiers battling crazy cells. Vision it over and over again. Chemo carries the dead cancer cells out on little stretchers......
I'd like to believe that anything we do to dress ourselves in armor for the battle certainly can't hurt. Be that prayer, chemo, nutrition, exercise, meditation/relaxation..... I will go in for my 6th chemo on Monday which had to be delayed a week. I would appreciate prayers that my platelets and ability to to fight infection are back up to get me back in that battle. Thank you, Christine

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For me, chemo was pacman eating up the ghosties. ;)

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my mum , was getting little stabbing pins while doing her chemo , she would say it was the chemo killing the little b******ds off! and would sit there saying attack attack!

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Prayers are coming your way Christine. Put your armor on.

PS.. Leesa, I do the same thing. I think of the chemo as Pacman and they are eating up all those nasty little cancer cells....gobble, gobble, gobble.

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I've always believed in a holistic approach, and that includes envisioning those nasty cells any way that's effective for you. You're right, it is a battle, and we wear those battle scars proudly! They are a testimony to the journey that God brings us through by His Grace. I will surely pray for your platelets, and anything else that will enable you to continue to face this beast head on, sans infections of any kind.

Luv, Hugs, Prayers,

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I really make an effort to avoid saying that "I have c*****" though I will say "I was diagnosed with cancer" or that I am "dealing with The Situation."

I've got myself convinced that I am already in remission & just waiting on the oncologist to agree with me--I am still doing chemo just to clean up any remaining problems from The Situation.

I refuse to live in fear--I refuse to be defined by something I was diagnosed with. I talk myself out of being scared by knowing that I always land on my feet and the answer is always there when I need it. I intend to maximize on the placebo effect.

Doing all of this is easier now that I don't have horrible pain anymore--that's one good reason to have good pain management. It is hard to "think positive" when you have belly pain and are afraid that you are getting a bowel obstruction.

Trust me, I know way too much and had to constantly work to discipline my mind from dwelling on all of the possible outcomes of The Situation.

I cannot afford to indulge myself in any kind of negative thinking.

Oh, by the way, Larry Dossey, MD has written books on the power of prayer for healing. He includes the positive results of prayer on the growth of BACTERIA! That is pretty compelling.

And it didn't matter WHO was doing the praying--all the people who were praying whether they were religious and non-religious helped the subjects who needed the prayers. It is important to have the name of the person who is being prayed for.

Have a great day!


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