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sad news - my diving friend carol died unexpectedly thursday night on a night dive

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just live very well my friends today and every day!!!.
lets not give cancer any more of our life than we absolutely have too! i hope this makes sense.

we all know how precious life is. i know we do. my scuba diving friends had some sombre drinks remembering our wonderful friend carol friday night. my wife and kids also attended.

on thursday night my friend carol died, she had difficulties breathing during a night scuba dive. she could not be revived and died at Bear Island, Sydney. One of our favourite dive sites.

life is full of the unexpected. carol and i shared a love of diving, especially going to exotic and stunningly beautiful tropical destinations. we had many great adventures together.

now she is gone, like we all will one day. she was real kind to my kids and a great friend to me and so many. she will be missed. she always asked "how are you doing mr T." and gave me a hug and a kiss. she was a very senior and caring nurse who had compassion for everyone.

i wanted to share a part of carols story here because our clocks are ticking and we have to have as much fun and life as we can, whereever and whenever we can get it.

she died doing what she loved with wonderful friends. a full inquest will occur, but its not the main point. its that she lived life to the full. i am off for a 2 hour walk now, i want to be as healthy as i can be, i think of exercise and dieting like putting goodwill in my health bank.

before bowel cancer suspended my diving, the thursday night divers would meet at various beaches and coves around Sydney and jump and explore winter through to summer. many of us would take cameras and capture images of amazing little creatures and then have a meal. its one of the first things i will start as soon as i am able.

a small kind wish, rainbow or prayer for carol.

enjoy today and smile,

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Sorry for the loss of your friend. Praying for you and her family.

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I am so sorry for the lost of your friend Carol. May we all remember how precious our lives are and live them to the fullest.

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Oh, Pete, I'm so sorry. My deepest condolences to you and your family. Hugs, Cynthia

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and they just called to inform me that his wishes were to go home from hospital instead of doing dialysis 3 times a week...Hospice is with him,,he is 87 and a great friend...he knows where he is going and has all faith in it..loss of special people does take its toll..but we must trudge on, they wouldn't want it any other way....my sympathies to you and your group and to her family...........Clift

Our class in Sunday school is called the ROC class..(Reflecting on Christ)...this is what Chester ( my mentor) is referring to when he mentions the ROC class...

it goes like this...
Due to an unfaltering trust and faith in our Lord Jesus, and significant medical issues, Chester has chosen not to have dialysis. He will go home tomorrow with support from Hospice.

As I visited him today he mentioned how much he liked and appreciated the ROC Class. He also gave God praise for Clift!!

I hope you realize how many people you all touch!!
stuff like this humbles me to no end......I am sure gonna miss him for a while.......

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So sorry about your friend


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what a difference in passing one unexpected, scary and dramatic. especially for my other dive friend her dive buddy who to tried to save carol that night.

Now chester facing death with courage, faith and peace. And of course hope everlasting. Clift he is lucky to have you as a friend.

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I am so sorry for the loss of Carol. I am glad she was doing something she loved so much when she passed away. It is hard to lose a good friend.

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I'll send a kind wish in memory of your diving friend. I'm sorry for your loss of your dear friend.
Winter Marie

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Pete, I'm very sorry about your loss. Sounds like Carol was very special to you.


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Very sad but at least she died doing something she really loved. If they ever find me dead in my boat i bet I'll have a smile on my face,Ron.

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Nana b
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Sorry for the loss of your friend! Keep pressing forward! Hugs!!!

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I am pressing on regardless as our world keeps turning, relentlessly to some extent.
The diarrhea is a big hassle and the folfox tingles a bit unnerving. ( thats supposed to be a punn)

I'll just try to do what i love, and if I cannot manage that I'll love what I do.

Smile and have peaceful day.

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I'm sorry for your lose and that of her family. I always used to say I wanted to die doing something I loved. That will probably never happen but even if I did. It was silly of me to say.

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I am sorry for your loss. Carol sounds like a wonderful lady. It seems she really lived life and found joy. I am sorry you will miss her. Life is precious.


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