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Kerry S - Did I miss the post

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that he is having an operation to remove his brain tumour on the 10th?

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Kerry S
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With the weather problems of ice and snow we have here and in STL, we don’t know when I will get it done. It is one big mess around here with more snow coming. I can't drive and the scary old woman is not that good driving on ice. It is a 103 mile drive to the hospital.


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Posts: 1078
Joined: Mar 2009

Just checking to see whether I had missed a post on this, although Phil did point out I could have e-mailed you lol. I hope the weather improves or you can get to the hospital some how. Hugss

PS: Your wife doesn't look scary at all, she looks lovely. :-)

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i pray they do a great job on you.
let us all know.

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