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I think all the birds have relocated down to Florida!

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I'm sorry for those of you that are suffering from the horrible weather, I pray that you are keeping warm, staying safe & that the storms pass soon. I remember all too well what it was like.
Though, for the past few days, my yard has turned into a Bird Sanctuary. It is so awesome!! There are Robins, Cardinals, BlueJays, Woodpeckers, some sort of black birds, and many more I have never seen before.
These poor traveling birds are so hungry & thirsty, so I just had to feed them with everything I could find & fill up the bird bath! When I walked out the door this morning, you couldn't even hear your thoughts over all the chirping. I felt like I was in the middle of "The Birds" movie,(only with much more friendlier birds)!
They have brought so much joy into my days and so many smiles at the amazement of seeing them all, so Lord, for this temporary wonder of nature-THANK YOU! :-)
♥ Bird Lover Cat

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I have taken notice of how fast my feeders empty and HOW many birds & spuirrels we have in our yard. I go through an avg of 25 lbs of wild bird seed in less then 5 days. ALONG with suet and peanut butter. I JUST LOVE watching them all-blue jays, doves, woodpeckers, wrens (I think) cardinals etc.

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So funny that you would post this as I have one of those hanging log things that you stuff with 4 suet sticks and the woodpeckers are cleaning it out right now. I saw a downy woodpecker yesterday going nuts and I have never seen one in my yard before. Usually, we get pileated, red bellied, common flickers and red-headed woodpeckers.

It is just like you said, the poor things are starving! And, of course, my bird feeder has been a busy spot too.

I live in Louisiana where we are getting rain but no snow. It seems chilly to me (39 degrees), but I guess, the birds are heading en masse from the really cold spots.

Other bird lovers out there might think about putting out some food as the birds are having a rough winter too.

In the meantime, I'm off to buy more suet and seed. If I can get a photo of the woodpeckers, I'll post it.

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I feel for deer in my area...(even thougt just 2 wks ago once damaged my brand new car 2011) OUR snow is so high I don't know how they can get around much less find food

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I'll bet it sounds beautiful.

We actually had a dusting of snow here in south Texas (rarity). It's amamzing what children can do with so little...teeny snow men everywhere. They had a blast.

My sisters up North would just laught at the way we act with a smidge of snow. The kids had no school, most everything closed.

Praying things thaw soon for those hardest hit. That's gotta be so difficult.

Stay warm!


Marsha Mulvey
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seems to have altered nature a bit. Just a week ago tomorrow my son and I observed 4 Eastern Bluebirds just outside my window in a small woods. They were just beautiful and FOUR of them flitting around together was awesome. Now we've had a colder and snowier winter compared to normal but nothing like in the east. I guess that's why those wise birds came to visit the midwest. I would love for them to settle here permanently!

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I'm also enjoy birds and feeding them. Robins have returned by St. Louis already about 2 weeks ago, which is the earliest I've seen them before Spring. We have snow too. I try to feed the birds and squirrels too.

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