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pain in side

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Hubby is having pain in his side. Onc says where it is hurting it is his liver. He is stage IV w/liver mets. The pain starts most of time when he sits in one position for a long time. It seems to be getting worse and happening more often.

Have any of you had this problem and do you have any suggestions?



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Nana b
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From my readings, and we won't go into that, :). ! Give the liver as much of a break as you can! It works very hard to get the toxins out!

But I know this doesn't help you or your husband with the pain. Any surgery planned? What does your ONC say about eliviating the pain?

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onc says he's not a canidate for surgery now, too many tumors 6-8 ping pong ball size and smaller. He doesn't offer any relief for the pain execpt pain pills. I just thought you guys who have been there done that might know more about how to avoid it.


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So sorry your husband is having pain. I too had pain in my right side that sometimes almost doubled me over. I took pain meds sparingly,but that was just me. I hate taking pain medication. I tried eating as natural diet as I could very little red meat,low fat and no processed food. Once I started chemo the pain went away and the mets in my liver started to shrink. Hope this helps.

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also could be infection in kidney/colon, dr should be able give antibiotics/check white cell count or urinalysis....hopefully it something like that---I have hade tons of those problems. Something to check and not assume it is cancer, which I always do...Pat

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