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Break on through to the other side....

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my pop's journey with cancer ended today. it was so incredibly peaceful...he didn't struggle or gasp for air...he just stopped breathing. i was in awe of him really....he went the way he wanted to!

literally, 30 seconds before he died my very most favorite cousin (whom also lost her dad to cancer) walked in the room. that was most awesome for me. i've loved her like a sister since the day she was born. she and i figure our dads are having some ancient age in mason jars with handles...cuz that's what they used to drink when we were little...lmao!

no more pain, no more dizziness and no more "two of everything, dammit".

i suppose i'm still just going through the motions, but it felt good to be able to take a deep breath and actually let it out. and, i had a few laughs today. next on the list is to watch Despicable Me and then crank the tunes....ahhhh just breathe...it feels good.

peace out, pop! find what makes you happy!

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I know you will miss your dad terribly, but it is good to hear that it was a peaceful ending. That will make things easier for everyone. May God give you the strength you need in the upcoming days/weeks/months.

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So very glad to hear your Dad went peacefully, but also so very sorry for your loss. Now it's time to start healing as I am sure that is what your Dad would want for you. Take care.

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today,but very happy to hear his passing was peaceful.I am very new to the cancer journey, also taking it with my dad who was just diagnosed. Please know you and your family are in my thoughts at this time.


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luz del lago
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May you continue to experience the peace that you have been graced with. Take deep breathes and smile at the cherished memories you have of your "pops"! Take care.

My condolences,


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Sorry to hear about your dad. I know you were happy that it was a peaceful ending. You'll miss him, cause there's nothing like a dad, but each day you can remember all the fun times you had with him. Take care! "Carole"

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I know just how you feel hun - I'm sorry the person you loved is gone but I am not sorry in the least that your dad has his body and mind back!

lots of hugs and a raised pint for you - April

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That your dad is no longer here with you. I know you will miss him.

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