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Vince's Pet Scan results

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Hi Everyone.

Well we got the results back today from Vince's Pet Scan and everything is stable. No better no worse.
This is what it said.

1) No significant interval change compared to the previous study from 12-08-10
2) Tracer uptake is present along the posteromedial aspect of the right pleurawith standard uptake values measuring approx 5, similar to the previous exam. Some increased metabolic activity is seen within the major fissure on the right with standard uptake values measuring approx 4. The findings may reflect malignant right pleural effusion.
3) Very large left pleural effusion. Nonspecific left base airspace disease which may reflectpassive atelectasis or infiltrate.
4) Persisitant moderate intradominal and pelvic ascites.

Anyhow I have written these results in an e-mail to all the good drs etc at UPMC to see what they think. I hope to hear from them soon.

Tomorrow They want him to start his TPN up again. I begged for the JTUBE but for some reason they don't want to do that. At this point he needs nutrition. He is very low in iron so today he had a 4 hour iron infusion . On Monday they are hopefully going to give him a shot of Procrit at his RBC count is way down.

I am happy the disease has not progressed but is stable good.????

Please help me


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I just posted you a private e-mail. I e-mailed UPMC last night both Dr. Luketich and Dr. Gibson and are waiting to hear from them. Maybe Dr. Gibson can get ahold of Our onc here and see what is going on better.

Thanks so much

Vince has had the malignant pleural effusion since Sept 28th and he had the talc procedure. We were hoping chemo would dry it up. No such luck


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With this beast of a cancer, "stable" (I think) is GREAT news! Would you like it to have shrunk?, of course. But, it's better than having it spread! Consider it a small victory!
Praying things will continue on a positive course:)


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I am praying that they will okay a jtube for Vince. It has been the saving grace for Jim while recovering from his MIE and pneumonia.

I agree with Sally, this sounds like a small victory with no spread! We must Celebrate all of the victories, even when they aren't exactly what we hope for.


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