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lymph edema, tinnitus, accupuncture, etc . . .

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Hi Everyone, thought I'd let you know what I've been trying for what lately. I'm eight months out of chemo/rads, and 5 or 6 from neck dissection.

Have been trying acupuncture--5 treatments now--for severe tinnitus. No result to speak of yet, and will be givng it another treatment or two. Well known products tried with no effect: Quietus and Arches Tinniuts Formula. They have grown new ear hairs in mice in Europe, so if they can just find a way to get those mice in your ear, there may be hope there.

My new medical oncologist has a lymph edema misogynist on staff and will be starting treatments in a week or so for edema on the left side of neck from-mainly I believe--the neck surgery. She also notced the abnormality of my bones on the left upper back and collarbone. My left scalpula has moved up to the top of my shoulder from the dissection. She is going to refer me to a physical therapist. She said my ENT surgeon should have told me more about it, in effect. But my ENT is not one to bog you down with details.

Also, after trying to get calories and protein into my stomach for the last months, I'm working back toward getting vegetables and frut there also. I'm waiting on a Jack Lalanne Juicer. I mention the name only because I used to have a juicer, but everything had to be cut up to put in the chute, so you got to know a bag of carrots pretty well before you could drink them. With this model you can put in a medium sized apple, whole carrots, etc., and should encourage me to use it, because the juices are great. Also a late comer to green smoothies (thanks Sweet for the ideas). If you only have a bullet for a blender, you can Ebuy a blender attachment that will allow you to use it to make the fruit and vegetable smoothies.

best, Hal

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Hal, am real interested in hearing what your team suggests for the edema. The last 305 days, mine has gotten really bad on the side I had my surgery. About all I do for mine is to massage my neck in the shower.



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D Lewis
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It appears that my lymphedema subsides more quickly in the mornings when I use my little battery operated neck massager. I put it on backwards and let it vibrate the front and sides of my neck. Also, I recently bought a really nice wedge pillow to keep my upper body elevated and I feel like an idiot for not getting one sooner. I have less edema in the mornings, and it is seriously easier to breathe lying down. I'm getting better sleep.


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I was a vegetarian for almost 15 years before I had my first cancer, it was only after the treatment the first thing I could taste was a Popeye chicken crumb and it’s been chicken from then on for the last 9 years of this stuff. I been having problems with my blood pressure so I went to see my heart doc, he said get off all meat and salt and go back to being a vegetarian again. I can’t believe how good I am feeling and the blood pressure is not as bad, this is just the first week. There must be something to it

Take care

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D Lewis
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Good to hear things are going well down there! I'm eating almost no meat at all, owing to how challenging it is to chew and swallow. I have a blender, but I believe I'm going to follow up on the industrial-sized juicer idea.


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