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My husband was diagnosed with esophageal cancer at the age of 58 almost two years ago. Having lived a healthy lifestyle, came as a shock but dealing OK. However, as a caregiver, it has been very difficult and wondering how other's have coped with it.

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There are so many here that are like angels in the position of caregiver...but I'm not one of them...I was excluded from the beginning and still am...excluded from all his thoughts...so I am not an angel caregiver but a very reluctant one with a lot of ambivalent feelings...A therapist has helped me cope with the kind of person he is and my priest has showed me how to do the best I can...in other words how to cope when you don't have anything left to give but are still expected to do so. Others here aren't like I am...and I don't know which category you are in...but this is just from my point of view...it's the pits.

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Hello my name is Shirley. I care for my 60 year old husband. He was given the dreaded news October 14 2009. He started having symptoms that summer. Since then he has gotten radiation and chemo almost non stop. He was staged ivb. We tackle each problem as it comes up. They never seem to stop. There are all the side effects of the chemo and now extreme weight loss and no appetite.

There are times when my sweetie says he thinks he has the easier part because its the ones he is leaving behind that have it tough. Some times I agree. It is so difficult seeing John in pain. Juggling the appointments, work,cleaning, cooking grandchildren and all else is really difficult at times. How do we do it? one task at a time one day and if it doesn't get done then oh well.

There is no right or wrong way to do this. I really lean heavily on the support of my family and friends but this web site is a God send. Thank you all for being here. Shirley

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