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Good Afternoon! I am working with my local Relay for Life, and I am one of the chair's for the Survivor events that will be taking place. I would encourage anyone to attend their local Relay for Life event. My family has been touched multiple times with cancer, and RFL has been a great way for us to Celebrate, Remember, and Fight Back. During the relay we are doing a Surivor Lap (where all the survivor's that are present will walk a lap by themselves while everyone cheers them on) and we will be doing a caregiver lap (where the caregivers join the survivors to walk a lap). I am trying to put together songs for each of these laps, but I am having a hard time coming up with enough songs to fill the time that it will take to walk each lap. Does anyone have suggestions for either?

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Lean on Me.

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Melissa Ethridge I Run for Life.

She wrote this following her battle with breast cancer.

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Dinah Washington . What a difference a day makes....

I lost my mom to SCLC in September, shortly into her treatment, she told me to look this song up and think if her.

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The Theme from Chariots of Fire.

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My wife is a Stage IV NSCLC patient and she recently put together a CD of her favorite songs, Walk of Life buy Dire Straits was the first one she added.


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Oh yeah! Knopfler is king!

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Makes her smile everytime she hears it, so it has become my favorite too!

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I always get amped up listening to the theme from "Rocky"

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