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I know we need to exercise but i can't get up enough energy to do it.I go to wal-mart and be out of breath I know it will get better now that I'm finished chemo but how long does it take? I go Wednesday to get rad markers. MOLLYZ

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Hi MollyZ :) i was still weak & drained for months after chemo. I'd say after about 6-8 weeks though, the fog started slowly lifting & i noticed that each day i'd feel a little better than the previous day. I really have given my body all the rest that it's needed, taken naps when I needed them, and just taken it easy. I'm close to 4 months post chemo now and am having more good days than bad ones! I do my yoga when i get the chance, and love my treadmill, but honestly the majority of my exercise that I currently get is from chasing my 2 yr around all day.

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@ Heatherbelle How is your mom?

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A week after my last Taxol I started feeling better. I started Rads that day and while some say rads tire them, for me they didn't at all - every day I had some more energy. No last summer I was not back to where I'd like to have been but I did what mattered. I'm older (64 1/2) so it only makes sense to me that as I'm a year older that will never be back 100% to what I was BC (Before Cancer). I just started working with a Personal Trainer so I can be back to the best I can by late spring to get back working the horses.

It take time - and there are times that it seems like you're taking steps back but as long as you take more steps forward than back - you're making great progress. Your body will let you know.

Hope I made sense to you.


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Exercise is very important to everyone whether you are fighting bc or not. But, don't over do it. Listen to your body and only do what you feel you can do. Just a walk every day is good for you.

Good luck!!

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The length of time varies with each person. Excersize is important, but be patient with yourself. Chemo is rough on the body. Right now your main focus is to get well. Maybe even going to Wal Mart is more than you can handle right now. Let someone else go for now. A daily trip to the end of the driveway may be enough till you get better. For me, some days just getting showered, dressed, and out of the bedroom were enough. Chemo will not last forever. You will have time to work on getting your stregth back then. For now just do what it takes to get better.

take caare, seof

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I know I should but day after day I don't.


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Double Whammy
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and it will. It did for me rather quickly I think - and I'm 63 (and a half!). After my last chemo I couldn't even walk to the corner, I was so weak. Then suddenly I felt like my old self again one day. This was about 5 weeks after last chemo. I drove myself to radiation every day - because I felt fine. I began walking again gradually. I did not push myself. The feeling well thing started about Nov. 1. I'm now walking 3-4 miles, so in 3 months I've increased my stamina from 1-4 miles. Only occasionally will I do 4. Most days it's about 2 1/2. And today, it's too windy!

It's always been difficult for me to be consistent with exercise, but I think it's more important now than ever, so I'm doing my best. I have absolutely no excuse except I get lazy.

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