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Is anybody in hospice?

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Is anybody in hospice? My husband`s doctor told us that the treatments are not working that`s why he is going to hospice. I am so sad and mad because the little hope my husnad had the hospice took away, It is very hard to take and heard the nurses talk about dead and the medication we have have ready when the simptoms of dying is near. Please pray for us.

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luz del lago
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I am praying for you, both. Our approach was to look at Hospice as a tool to assist us when the time came that we needed it. Yes, once you are enrolled, they do begin to visit. I think it affected my love in the same way as yours. He made comment that once you are in Hospice, you will never walk out on your own two feet. I also think he began to accept it for my sake, more that anything. He was explained how they would be there for his medical maintenance needs so that we would be able to relax some and not have to travel so far. They also "prepared" our home should he ever need oxygen and stronger pain meds, something both of us couldn't see happening any time soon. As it turned out, we indeed needed all of that about two months after enrolling.

I could not have done it without Hospice. It allowed me to be his "wife" and not a "nurse" during his last days. However, I must tell you that his Oncologist stated that she has several patients that have been enrolled in Hospice for many months and even some for a couple of years! So help your husband understand that no one or nothing can take your hope away. You may just have to hope harder, pray harder and always know that the Lord will always be there for you both!

Peace be with you,


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Hospice is a wonderful organization and of great comfort. It is not only for end of life care.

It broke my spirit when we were told that was Mom's next step. But after meeting the people and all the good that they do, it was such a relief. We really did not need much from them as me, my brother and stepfather all stopped working for the entire time, and mom was never in any pain. But to know the nurse would be there 3x a week, adn home health 3 x a week and social worker whenver needed.

We had such an amazingly compassionate team, and felt very blessed to have them.

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