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One Good thing

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I have to say that having only received 1/4 of my oxy dose yesterday ... that there is a BIG difference in how I feel. If they take the oxy away ... just the 5fu and folonic acid will be a walk in the park. I can actually drink room temp and even a little cooler. I can get things out of the fridge without dropping them from the bee stings in the fingers. I have just a little bit of numbness in fingers and toes but compared to what I usually have it's nothing. And I hardly feel like I had chemo at all 'cept I'm resting a bit. I can easily do chemo without oxy. sheesh ... I knew it was a mean old monster but, now I really know it.

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Sorry you weren't able to get the full treatment, but glad that you are feeling better than expected.

Rest is good.

Hope son is doing ok too.


Marie who loves kitties

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of a difference in its impact on you....My onc just totally removed it from the FOLFOX, tho I had asked if she coud reduce it somewhat instead but I had been so terrified after what happened after that fourth (of eight) dose that no oxi was done for the remaining sessions......Nothing to it that way but I've ever since wondered if without the oxi how effective was just the FOLF....

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Lori I'm glad you are feeling better. Last year when I started on Folfox I was bound and determined to complete all 12 rounds with the oxi. Unfortunately I only made it six rounds. No bad reactions or anything like you have had to deal with but neuropathy so bad I could no longer stand or walk and that was after reducing the oxi for both round 5 and 6. I continued on the rest of the combo and couldn't believe how much better I felt. I thought now this I can do. But, such was not to be,the cancer continued to progress without the oxi and onc switched me to Iriontecan and Vectibix(am K-ras wild type). I have been on this combo for 10 almost 11 months now and seem to be doing ok. It has been much easier to handle than the Folfox was. I hope your next round is easier and things will go smoothly for you from here on out.

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I am really happy this was a better experience.

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Aren't you incredible to find the good. So glad that you are feeling OK. Praying the chemo is kicking butt.


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I'm sorry you had to start chemo all over. that Oxiplat can be a little booger. glad you are feeling well and that you where able to recieve your chemo.. Hope next time you'll be able to recieve the whole dose and do well. Good luck and Blessings from Lourdes.

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dear lori,

thought this maybe interesting ....



my cal/mag levels are on all the upper blood test limits. i wonder if its the reason for my good run.

another example of the help received on this board.

at least enjoy two weeks off like me. i am wrecked today, neededmy nap this arvo.


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Thanks for asking about Anthony. He is actually doing better today. After 2 days of suctioning the fluid out of his chest, we are seeing his lung start to reinflate ... something we couldn't get it to do before. This is very very good news. We are hoping to have him home for Superbowl Sunday if he keeps progressing. We are hoping to remove his chest tubes today or tomorrow. He will have to remain in the hospital for 24 hrs observation after removal. We are just so happy to see his lung starting to respond after all this time. It's just short of a miracle. Thank you all for your wishes and prayers. I know it all helps so much. Love ya all!

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This is awesome, I am glad his lungs are responding.

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Hi Lori,

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying a break from the oxi monster a bit. I'm looking forward to hearing more positive news about your son- so sorry he's back in the hospital.

Take care!

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You've had so much going on in your life these days - hope the storms will eventually calm for you. You've had a rough time with the Oxy, it is mean stuff. I've found both the Folfox and Folfiri to be far more than we bargained for when we "signed up."

Lower dosages may be a help to you as you move forward and if you ever have to move off it, you'll join the ranks of the many of us, who had to do so...there is always Folfiri.

Hope your son gets better as soon as he can - he's going through alot himself and it just cannot be easy for either of you.

I look to better days for you both.


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Hey Lori!
I too noticed Jack breezing through chemo when the oxi was eliminated. Until yesterday...he went out to shovel snow and had to come back in fretty quick because of how much his hands hurt...we talked again abpout the chemo staying in his system for a while amd hired somone to do the drivewayI didn't think he should be shoveling snow when he was still connected,,,but sometimes you gotta let him find out hisself..

Sending you and your son prayers for health

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