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If money,time and other factors weren't an issue, what is your biggest, most outlandish dream?

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Other than dreaming of good health for all of us, maybe before we got sick.....I always dreamed of becoming a singer.
I would love to hear some of your dreams!

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I truly would devote all of my money and my time, to animal rescue. Do my best to see that no animal, large or small, would go to sleep cold or hungry. That includes livestock....they suffer in silence.

Oh! And make sure my grandkids could afford to go to college!


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Baking and creating beautiful treats are my passion.

Hugs, Renee

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I would love to have a plantation like Meryl Streep in Out of Africa.
where I would come to rest after my world tour as a famous singer!

That would be my dream


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I quit work back in 1988 to start my own cookie business, but had to go back 2 years later because the company my husband at the time worked for had a huge lay off. I had no choice since I just had my 2nd child.

But I LOVE to bake. It's comforting to me.

My dream...to own my own bakery/shop selling baked goods and maybe expand to soups and sandwiches and also be able to feed those who are hungry. I admire some food establishments who run some stores without charging. If you have the money, you pay, if not, you don't. It's a success because those who DO have the money, pay for those that don't. What a wonderful thing...and it's working.

Hey, as long as we have dreams, anything can happen ;)



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I love traveling, and my list of places I'd love to visit is pretty much infinite. I think you can learn so much from experiencing other cultures. I'd also love to take photos and then come home to turn the pictures into watercolor paintings.

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I would love to own a children's book store like the one Meg Ryan had in "You've Got Mail".

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Make the USET (Olympic Team) in either Dressage (at my age now) or Show Jumping (when I was a lot younger) on a foundation Appaloosa.

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O my goodness I would so live life in the slow lane!!! Spend more time with my kids, open a bakery I used to make really unique cakes, I would volunteer at the kids schools more often, do meals on wheels...... I always wanted to be a counselor or a teacher too..... O what I would give to have another chance at this!!!!!

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These are wonderful dreams!! Hope to read many more. Thank you.

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I would open a home for special needs people. I would insure that my staff were the best of the best and we would work closely with these people to help them be the best that they can be and have a good quality of life. I would take them on cruises and vacations. My heart would be happy because I would know that these people were in a safe, loving environment.

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Hi Texasgirl, just wanted to say, I work with special needs, and I love my job, love "my girls" and it's so so so rewarding. I want to live just to be sure they are always ok :) You are such a sweetheart, what a selfless dream!!

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love to retire and travel. I just want to get in a car and go. The only real place I would want to go outside of the US is to Jamaca. Went there once and would love to go back.


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I would write. It's what I was meant to do, the gift I was given, but I have very little time in my real life.

Thanks for asking:)


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I would open a small hot dog shop...we have none in this area. I would have dogs of the month and such and also curly fries. I would use local companies for supplies. I would have specials for veterans and a birthday club. And I would cater to picnics and parties. Anyone hungry? Hugs, Cindy

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First I would travel the whole world on a cruise and I would love to take my children and their beginning families with me. Then after that I would like to do lots of trips where you help other people such as where you dig wells, or supply farm animals, or help them have a better life. I would do this in the USA or around the world.

My biggest dream would be to adopt an orphanage somewhere around the world and keep it funded and have wonderful programs for the children and provide an excellent education for them. I have wanted to do this since I was a child.

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Wow, I already thought you were all amazing and now I see how super amazing each and every one of you truly are!! From bakery's to hot dog stands, to animal shelters, to helping special needs, to travel......I love it all!! But mostly, I think I would like to travel, that's after I skydive, and of course on the money I would make from my wonderful coffee shop :)

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get established (homes/houses and good cars)then go on Disney CRUISE for few weeks!

(daughter's hard workers, just so hard to get ahead)

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I LOVE animals and would love to have my own pet store. I can see it being mainly puppies and kittens. I would include accessories to go along with them. There would be no concern that my pets were from puppy mills because it would not be permitted. You also wouldn't have to worry about purchasing a "sick" puppy. I have a wonderful vet and would include him in my plans. Can you just imagine that your work day included kisses from all the beautiful puppies and kitties?? Sounds heavenly and stress free.

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My husband would love to travel.

I would love to have just a little less drama in my life.

Just listen to the birds and watch the garden grow.
Just normal and boring would be fine with me.

I used to dream about winning the lottery and being able to just make all of the kids lives a little easier but haven't thought about that in a long time. I kinda think we all dream about that.



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I've done alot of wild & crazy things & lived a very fun and impulsive lifestyle. For my big dream I'm staying realistic & I have 2 things - the first is to move into a bigger house as we're outgrowing ours, one with another building on the property (or the $$ to build one) for Tim's shop (he owns his own sign business). He works ALL THE TIME, and it's actually his dream to have the house/shop on 1 property combo. This way we will all have more time together, and I can go back to working with him -i did book-keeping, office stuff but I also want to learn more computer graphics and help with the design aspect.
And my #2 dream is to be a published author. I've always been a writer of short stories, poetry, and songs and journals, but I've always had a passion for writing. This one I'm working on, too, I started writing a book on my cancer experience a few weeks ago & take time to work on it every day. There wasn't much out there when I was first diagnosed that I could relate to, and there certainly were very few photos that I could find regarding bilateral mastectomy, reconstruction, expanders, etc. I had my husband take pictures of me & my procedures all the way, so that we could document everything & tell our story as a family -mainly my story, but also things from my husband's and daughter's points of view as well. And, i should add that our dream house/shop combo will have a big barn & lots of room for all the rescued dogs, cats, pigs, and baby goats that we'll also have, lol!
this is a fun post!

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i love animals i always wanted to be a vetinarian since i was a little girl! and own a pet store would be good to!


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i always wanted to open my own little deli/restaurant, but i hear that is a lot of hours and work. I even have little recipes that i would make, all homemade salads, meatballs, homemade cookies...everything homemade...maybe one day. And after that, i would love to live in a small cottage on the beach. I would love to walk out my door and feel the sand on my feet, not have to get dressed up for anything, I just keep thinking of these things whenever i am down and i know that one day it will come true

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Thowing in the towel on my diet - I'm volunteering my services as Taste Tester, please send goodies!!!

I love to sing, but have no talent. Dreamed of acting - like the great actresses of the 40's & 50's.

Wanted (& still do) to live where the water is some shade of aqua-turquoise and the sand is white (and maybe have cabanna boys!)


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I would love to move back to the state I grew up in--Maryland. And live on a lot of property so that I could adopt a lot of little kittens/cats and dogs...lots of dogs. They could have love and run free and be taken care of with nothing to worry about. And while someone would pet sit, I would get in my small RV and drive all around America and Canada--camping.

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I'm almost 67 and work full time here in Indiana. I would LOVE to be able to retire and move to Connecticut to be closer to my son, wonderful daughter-in-law ... and 2 grandsons. They are growing so fast ... and I miss them so much.

Unfortunately ... retirement isn't in the cards for me ... now or ever. Can't make it financially ... so I'll just be here working until one day I get lost on my way home and just wander off into the sunset. :-)


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I would like to be able to go to a car dealership and order a vehicle with all the options and not have the payment book....

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I too want to be in Connecticut

Why can't move and work there? I don't want you to get lost in the sunset (;

Please keep your fingers crossed that I get my mortgage and can make my move.
I am getting antsy here in AZ - the heat will be here soon and I want to be gone
by then.


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This may be a little off the track, but I would like to spend an hour with my mother. She died when I was 40 and my son was 5. I miss her so much. I'd like her to see my family, see how I handled my breast cancer (she died from bone marrow cancer) with grace. Her advice would be welcome sweetness to my ears. I would tell her how we finally moved my father, her only love, to Arizona last October and he is doing great at 88! I would tell her what a wonderful mother she was. She did so many things right and I think she worried that she didn't. I'd like her to know how much I appreciate all the sacrifices she and Dad made in our early years when things were very lean. She was a wonderful person and I wish my son could have known her. I wish I could have had more life with her. That is my dream. Maybe telling all of you this will be enough.

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