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The JUICY diaries

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how are we doing? And you think I forgot, hunh?

Let's hear it, who's still on the wagon, who's hanging on ..

I made myself a list of questions that keep me in check:

- my biggest challenge no coffee =Yes
- no processed foods =yes
- 8 cups of water per day = yes
- at least 20 minutes of exercise=yes
- juiced in the morning =YES

So far I am doing good, tell me about you?

How are you doing in the weeks leading up to the cleanse?

But remember number 1 rule, no stress just love for your battered body.

And for the seriously interested PM me your address and I will forward you
something to measure your success with.

Keep it juicy!!!


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Okay--I've taken everything you've written to heart. I went to Whole Foods the other day--purchased all organic veggies and fruits. Geesh--not too cheap. Okay, I'm over that part.
So yesterday I started my morning with this smoothie: a couple of leaves of red swiss chard, 1 carrot, 1 gala apple, and 1/2 c. blueberries. First of all--the color was one I have never seen before. Oh, wait a minute--yes, I remember--diarrhea diapers from my baby boy! So, I put it in a non-clear glass so I didn't have to look at it. Then, I drank it. Hmmmm-interesting. I can't say I loved it, but I did get the whole thing down. I kept my day plant-based (except for some cheese at lunch). Had some nuts for snacks.

Today, I juiced 1 carrot, a couple of leaves of swiss chard, 3 celery stalks, 1 gala apple and 1/2 c. blueberries. Pretty much the same lovely color and maybe a bit more palatable. For lunch I had celery dipped in almond butter--that was good, a slice of nine-grain organic bread and cheese (sorry about the cheese again). Right now I'm writing this (don't be mad)sipping a Starbucks nonfat, decaf latte.

I drink tons of water anyway so that's no problem and the exercise is very doable for me. I don't think I've eaten any processed foods.

So, how am I doing? I do have to admit--this is stressing me out!! Please pm me something to measure my success with! By the way, I watched "The Doctors" tv show today and apparently, the circumference of your tummy should be less than 1/2 your height in inches. I'm in trouble.

Hugs, Renee

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you did fantastic! I can't believe how well you did.

Except please don't stress think how your lovely body sucking up
all the delicious goodness you are providing and raveling in it!

I avoid going to whole foods, it's ridiculously expensive. I go to
Sunflower market Southern and Mcclintock. Also I utilize Costco
if you are not a member let me know I am more than happy to
pick up some juicing material for you.

They have these great organic baby lettuce, fits right in my juicer =)
Also they have great deals on organic berries, spinach, carrots as
well as meats. The other day I discovered they have quinoa, a great
power grain, lots of protein. And it's organic and dirt cheap compared
to whole foods.

PM me your address, when you can.

And again CAN I say how amazing you are!!

Wooohoo, I am so excited, this is gonna be great!

PS: I am seriously starting to dig this meditate thing... I get up, drink
some water, put on some candle and sit on my specially soft pilow and
yes, you got it ... I actually MEDITTATE!

New Flower
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Quinoa every other day
Steel cut Oats 5 times per week, Steel cut is very important detail

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Posts: 1596
Joined: Dec 2009

I never heard of steel cut oats. I have to look it up.

I am sure I can get that at whole foods, the mecca of
everything healthy.. LOL

Thanks for sharing,

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so I'll start juicing in March...but I'm ready freddie!

In answer to the bullets you listed:

Not yet.

I embrace my scars!

Hugs back Sister!

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Posts: 1596
Joined: Dec 2009

That will give you and Renee more time to transition.

I just got back from an appointment and wait, wait for the drum
rolls - I LOST 12 LBS. You can only imagine HOW excited I am now!!

I love the way I am feeling. And yes exercising can be a pain.. lol
But I walk/run when I feel like it and on other days I dance.. Yes
I dance. Crazy Bollywood dance video gets me going. It is very
colorful, vibrant and sexy! You can't help but be in a good mood.


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Juiced = yes
coffee = yes ( 2x this week)
tea = yes
8 cups of water = yes (but it is still not enough)
exercise = plenty each day
no processed foods = do bran muffins count?
milk thistle = yes
bentonite clay = yes

did pick winter greens from garden and ate a raw salad each day.

lost 24.5 pounds since Septmeber

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Posts: 2617
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You ladies rock! I've lost 6 so far and it's coming down slow and steady. I started January 1st.

Mariam, what does milk thistle do? Is it in pillform? That's wonderful that you HAVE a garden to grow your veggies.

Keep up the great work.



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Posts: 1596
Joined: Dec 2009


you are amazing, I hope I too can post 20+ soon. But I am
really focused on doing it in a healthy way.

I am jealous of your garden, I really hope I can move soon
to the east coast and have my own garden too.

I never heard of milk thistle and bentonite clay, do you takes
this in capsule form?


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If I were giving myself a grade, I'd give myself a b or maybe a c+

No coffee
Some processed foods, but I'm slowly cutting them out
Not eight glasses of water a day, but close to 6
I'm doing about an hour of cardio 3-4 times a week
Juicing - every night

I'm having a hard time cutting dairy. I've switched to almond milk and I'm trying to acquire a taste for it. Cheese is my weakness. I've tried not eating any and I can't give it up ... yet anyway! :)

So far I've only juiced spinach, carrots, celery, apples & oranges. I hated the celery at first but I'm growing to like it. I like the granny smith apples better than the others ... juiced that is. The tart of the apples I find goes well with the spinach & carrots.

I'm going to try more exotic veggies this week. I'm having trouble with the 3:1 vegetable to fruit ratio.

I haven't gotten on a scale because I easily become obsessed with weight but my clothes are a little looser ... always a good thing. My tummy isn't as poochy either.

Thanks ayse, for making this fun! :)

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Posts: 1596
Joined: Dec 2009

A few suggestion for juicing. First I would really recommend to do it in
the morning on an empty stomach, it is a great sensation to feel all that
goodness in you.

As for juicing material, try Romaine lettuce and cucumbers (cucumbers
are great for you, very alkalizing effect), they are both sweet in flavor
and easier to stomach at the beginning. Also grapefruit is great. I also
put a tiny piece of ginger sometimes to add it a little more flavor. Another
great thing to juice are beets, they give it a nice bright red color and the
taste is very good.

Not to be gross... but I found when I juice in the morning, my bowel movement
is more regular. Prior to juicing there were days I didn't go at all. Now it is like
clock work, at least twice.. ok, ok I'll stop... Teeehihi (:

I hope these tips will help with your JUICY experience!

Thank you for partaking, you make it fun for me.

P.S PM me your address so I can put something in the mail for you.


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