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Another 'Dutch first'.....

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I went and had my first Dutch haircut! Now that may not seem too serious...BUT my kapper (dutch word for hairdresser) spoke only a little English.

SUCCESS!!! It's a GREAT cut!!! VERY European...and PERFECT for 'hat hair' in this cold weather!!!! Other than not understanding that what I call 'bangs', she calls 'pony', it went just GREAT!!! Got the cut I've been trying to explain to my American hairdresser...I'm taking pictures, and now will have my hair cut HERE!


BIG dutch hugs, Kathi

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Why does it have to be so difficult to find a stylist who can do a great style the way we ask? I've had those challenges, too. So congratulations on having a wonderful hair cut and stylist, Kathi--enjoy looking fantastic!


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Glad you got a great cut! With a bit of a language barrier, even! LOL!


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