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I had the last drain removed yesterday.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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My last most troublesome drain was the left axilla, it has consistently put out about 120ml of fluid a day. Over the weekend it dropped to 80ml a day...I'm thinking that's good news. But then I start to swell, armpit toward the center of my chest above the incision. And then I get some redness in the skin at the site of the drain.

With all that I went to see the doc...good news, it's not an infection. The doc decides to pull the drain, it had a big clog in it! Gross!!

So now I have a leaky hole and to try and control the swelling, I have an 8 inch wide ace bandage thingy wrapped around my chest. It's secured with velcro, which is very itchy next to my skin. So I wear it over a t-shirt. Let me tell you, I am quite the fashion maven! My daughter told me that now I have an hourglass figure, it's just that the skinny part is in the wrong place. Then she starts drawing the picture in the air with her hands...

Hugs to all,


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Had mine in the axilla for 5 weeks--I never thought it would quit. Glad yours was not infected. Now, it will have a chance to heal and dry up.

Gotta love our kids!

Hugs, Renee

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Don't you love kids?! My daughter kept me in stiches right after I was first diagnosed. The drains are a pain in the rear so I am thinking this is a good thing. One day I'll have to tell you how I talked my poor husband into pulling one of my drains out--he nearly had a heart attack (he's an engineer) and said he would never listen to me again ;-)

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Dang drains! I just had sentinel nodes removed but my left drain took 3 1/2 weeks to come out. Now I have fluid build up in both sides. What can I do about that? Seems like many women don't have that problem...? I hope you don't. I get to slosh my "puddles" around my chest and show off to the kids, "Bet you can't do this!"

Good luck!

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Hurray for the drains all out. This will all soon be a thing of the past. Thank goodness for kids. xoxoxo Lynn

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Congrats, Linda on getting the last drain out. It is really a relief that you only know if you had one. An hourglass figure, huh??

P.S. I can't wait to hear CC's story of her husband removing her drain.

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I remember how happy I was when mine came out.. it was kinda
gross wasn't it? How strange is that feeling when they pull the drains
out of you?

Now you can wear anything and no worry where you'll keep your
juice bottle.

Another big milestone in your treament =)
Behind you THAT is.


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Hi Linda,
Glad you got your drain out congratulations. But if it is swelled up why didn't the "Dr, drain it while you were there?? I had mine for 5 weeks when it was removed then had to have it drained twice. I was numb though so that didn't hurt at all. the hole will close up in a day or two. sure am glad you didn't have a infection. It is a relief to have that drain out isn't it!!

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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The nurse was able to "milk" most of the swelling out through the drain path...more fun times!

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the drains are certainly annoying. So glad the dr removed the last one but sorry for the mess you have to deal with. Yes, I too have that odd hour glass figure. Sure wish I could switch the waist for the chest. LOL My guess would be that you had lymph node involvement. I didn't. I hope you don't have swelling lymphedema problems in the future. Hope you heal well.
{{hugs}} Char

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Glad that last drain is out! I remember when they pulled my last one it kept on going too and got my shirt, pants and the floor before the PA could cover it. Pretty yuk I thought. I am not a nurse for a reason!! It did stop quickly, thank goodness! I think your outfit sounds just dazzling! No drains!

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So good to hear your last drain came out!! And thank goodness there was no infection. One step closer to getting all this behind you :) Once that heals up you'll be feeling much better. Take care of yourself!

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I"m so glad their out,mine stayed in for about 2weeks and it hurt when he took one out he didn't make the whole big enough and had to tug on my skin to get it out but that part is over for you the bandage thingy will keep pressure on it an will keep it drained out till it's all dried up and it will be a thing of the pass I am so happy for you girl and the kids they keep us going with the funnies my 13 year old made a joke about my wig and really tickled me good one the best laughs i had through this ordeal keep us posted and continued good luck. MOLLYZ

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